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Advertorial Feedbacks

If you're keen on advertising on this space and wish to enquire about the rates, do contact

Advertorial Type #1
Cash payment + Sponsorship of item(s) of my choice

Advertorial will include:
1. An individual blogpost dedicated to your site 
2. Min 5 pictures of me wearing your item(s) / you can provide some pictures
3. Your website's URL
4. A write up about your site including unique features you'd like me to mention, giveaways, promotions etc

Advertorial Type #2
Cash payment only

Advertorial will include: 
1. ONE picture for the advertorial (provided by you)
2. Your website's URL
3. A short mention (eg. XXX has just updated with a new collection, do visit them now! )

Advertorial Type #3
Cash payment + Sponsorship of ONE item of my choice

Advertorial will include:
1. Advertorial is incorporated into my daily posts
2. ONE picture of me wearing your item
3. Your website's URL
4. A short mention (eg. I'm wearing a floral dress from XXX's new collection )

Advertorial Type #5
Cash payment only (sponsored items optional)

Advertorial will include:
1. One Facebook shoutout for your website
2. One Twitter shoutout for your website
3. One Instagram shoutout for your website
(Content will be the same, and all will be posted at the same time)

Advertorial Type #6
Side Bar Banner
Cash payment only

Will include:
1. Side Bar banner of 181 x 272 for 1 month


dateWed, Nov 16, 2011 at 8:17 PM
subjectRE: Advertorial rates
Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

hide details Nov 16 (1 day ago)
Thanks!! After your advert, my views shot up like 20x. Not exaggerating, thanks again! :))

by pxdkitty
The power of advertising!!! Thanks to , MF has been getting regular orders the past few days!!! ♥

infinityxbeyond to me
show details Oct 16 (3 days ago)
: ) Thanks alot Rachell!!
Hope you love the items as much as we do, response has been great so far and we appreciate it alot!
Will definitely get ya to do another one soon hehe thanks again : )


molly space to me
show details Oct 13 (6 days ago)
Hi Rachell,

the last few times advertising on your blog, the response had been good!!
Now I would like to have another advertorial on your blog site.
May I know what are the rates for the following? Thank you!!

Swagrshop to me
show details 7:46 PM (2 minutes ago)
Hey babe,

I just got home, checked the email and was amazed by the number of people who sent in their screen shots for the giveaway. Gotta thank you, you're the best!



Next batch will only arrive on 1st Sept 2011 (estimated).
Please order only if you are able to wait, thank you :D
My advertorial post:

from♥‏ Cute Little Strawberries ♥‏
toPxdkitty Rachell
dateFri, Jun 24, 2011 at 1:37 AM
subjectRE: advertorial rates

hide details 1:37 AM (3 hours ago)
Hi Rach!

we hit like 3k views in a night <3
and emails are flooding :P
super big thanks to you and ur lovely readers!
MUACKS! *chu*

Super happy with my new leopard pouch from ♥ ♥ ^^ December Flight

overwhelming responses for leopard furry pouch ! have you grab yours yet??

From the owner of to me
show details 6:10 PM (1 minute ago)
Hi babe,

OMG!!! I already received many orders from your readers. Thanks for the mention at your blog and the pics on your fb. You are mad awesome!!! It's ok if you need more time to do up the full advert cos all the bags are currently selling fast. We will be doing 2nd restocks soon. Hopefully there's enough time for us to stocks up for all your readers when the full advert is up. Thank you so much so much so much! ! ! ! <3<3<3

Running thread

From the owner of

evilvalentine.enquiries@gmail.comto me
show details 6:28 PM (1 minute ago)
Thanks babe ♥ its a wonderful advertorrial! :D thank you so much :) will definitely ask ya again to do another advertorial for the next collection if response is good :) ♥

@ Saw the advertorial and orders are coming in already! Hehe thanks!! ♥

From the owner of

From the owner of

Cynthia Luvsto me
show details 9:42 PM (51 minutes ago)

Hi darling ! :D
Love your advert and video <3 Will be approaching you for another advertorial next week :DD From the owner of Abovetherunway ATRto me show details Apr 6 (3 days ago) Hi Rachell! I like the advertorial alot. Thank you! :) From the owner of from XP .T to date Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 1:20 PM subject RE: Enquires about advertorial type 2 mailed-by hide details Feb 16 (5 days ago) Omg thanks !! ^^ Its perfect ! ♥ SMS Feedback from EatingDonuts Omg you do such good advertorials! Thanks babe ♥ From the owner of LiLi Pan February 14 at 10:30am Hello :))) just seen it! Its quite nice the way you put it in your blog! Thanks a lot for both your advertorials so far ^^ Will come to you again when i have new items for sale :D You're really friendly ! SMS feedback from Oh Shannon I saw it briefly as i'm rushing out for stufy haha. Its quite at the back. Is it possible for it to be one sole entry so that i can link it? But thanks as i've a few responses already. :) SMS feedback from MagicMagicHouse Hi rachell, i've went through my advert u made for me. .it's really perfect! And u really look great on wearing my wigs!Thank you so much! And i really like it so much..Everything is just suits my appetite..Very well done! I think there isn't need much changes.except one little that if possible can help me to include the hair spray conditional picture? Thanks..I personally like the one when ur wearing the long curly wig , fantastic!! from The WildFlower Shop to ★Kittystar Rachell date Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 1:56 PM subject Re: Items mailed-by signed-by hide details 1:56 PM (3 hours ago) hey rachell wat an awesome post u have done! thanks for wrapping things up so efficiently! luv the posting and the compliments u have for my store : ) great job on the blink addition to the fringe bag! u definitely gave it more "life"! have fun with the pieces and hope''ll drop by to shop soon : ) from Love Letters to ★Kittystar Rachell date Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 1:18 PM subject Re: Advertorial mailed-by signed-by hide details Jan 5 (7 days ago) It's been going so well!! I really don't know how to thank you enough(; and once I save up the money I would definitely like the purchase the fujifilm camera you're selling!!!(: You're still selling it right? from Wonderstellar Wonderstellar to date Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 4:41 PM subject RE: Advert (: mailed-by hide details 8/3/10 Hi dear, just saw the advert! thanks soo much! feel its really sincere and with much efforts made:> THANK YOU!
And you're very pretty irl hee ^^

Love, Wonderstellar

Love, Wonderstellar

♥ bbg sorry for the delay! but i've done the advertorial yay! :) :)

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