Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy happy 20th birthday Baby!

Because I love this video so much, I'm letting my non-facebook friends view it as well :)
took me half a day to edit the clips lor!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


it's amazing the kind of effect different camera angles can produce
this has ZERO photoshop (you can still see the pimple on my cheek fml), my eyes are usually like 1/32 the size of this, lol

Sweets & Coffee

:) :) baby you're super cuteeeeeee why your eyes so big not fair!!!

boys and basketball :)
hahah the girls were spamming m&ms trying to make our tongues coloured, eating pushpops and throwing a lot of m&ms on the floor hoping the boys would step on it hahah ^^

Zhiwei's Bday on the 24th,
i forgot to bring my camera when i rushed out of my house lor damnnnnn
but okay i koped these from fb cause my legs look long here (hahah yes this means in other photos they look short)

and here's a step big eye shot to end off :)