Sunday, October 30, 2011

Magical Glitters

Love the clothes you always see on Tumblr?
then you must check out Magical Glitters! :)

For all you tumblr fans out there, this blogshop is basically close to home!
Cause they are based on tumblr's domain which makes it really easy for you guys to Follow them for new updates while you're surfing tumblr! :D

Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase and receive a mystery gift from them! :D

And check out their apparels!
I love blogshops that have a theme to what they're selling.
And for MagicalGlitters, it's no surprise if their theme is tumblr-style or hipster! ^^

Wolves, cosmic stuff, oversized tees.
What else more tumblr-ish can you ask for from this beautiful piece? ^^

And the best part is, it's UNISEX! :D
So you can get this for yourself as well as your boyfriend!!! :)

(picture credit to google)

MagicalGlitters also has the all time favourite USA flag prints, Chanel inspired oversized tee shirts etc!
It's basically designs that EVERYONE can look good in!! :)

And this might be something many girls would like...
studded high waist shorts! :)

BUT! Here's the catch, MagicalGlitters used PLASTIC SEW ON and IRON ON studs instead of your usual metal poke through studs! :)
This way it's not as heavy on your shorts! :D
Also, it's a lot cheaper than the poke through studs, which is why you can get these shorts at a way lower price! :) No need to burn your pockets anymore! ^^

Currently these are the 3 different designs for you to choose from and more to come!
So do follow them on their tumblr!

A place for all tumblr fashion lovers - Magical Glitters! ^^
Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase and receive a mystery gift from them! :D

Bedroom Woes

Hi cupcakes!!
hahah sorry for the misleading post title, this isn't about sex :p

Those who've been following my blog for quite some time should know that I'm extremely proud of my pink room walls

And I have been exploiting it for my pictures for the longest time....

Okay.... you get my drift!

But all along everything was going fine cause my hair was either black or dark brown...
I became Ang Mo (red hair) Tan (my surname)!
(ang mo tan = rambutan in Hokkien, a type of fruit)

Everything was awesome, my hair looks super pretty in pictures, credit to Essensuals Bugis and all until.......

I took pictures with my pink walls O.O

Major color clash between my hair and pink walls.
Cause I'm intending to stick with this color for quite some time so I can't just live like this!!!
I NEED my wall shots T.T

(by the way, this gorgeous sheer red blazer is from, which is having MEGA CLEARANCE SALES NOW!!!)

So I'm taking pictures against my black cupboard for the time being... T.T
Not that I'm superbly upset (okay maybe a bit) but it's just not as exciting as my pink walls.. and it's damn inconvenient to clear off the embarrassing clothes i hang on my cupboard handles (sometimes i get lazy to hang it inside) just to take pictures, lol!

(this gorgeous sheer red blazer is from, which is having MEGA CLEARANCE SALES NOW!!!)

So i'm going to REPAINT my wall colors!!!!!! D:
Quite a big deal for me cause the pink walls have stuck with me for 3 to 4 years now :'(

(pictures credit to google)

So I went to google for some inspirations for my new bedroom color and I really cannot get over how pretty pink walls are.
I mean almost every shade of pink has its own character.

It can look super sexy and loud like some motel hahaha

Or it can look super sweet and girlish like a barbie dream house

BUT...... MY RED HAIR :(
I'm so upset.
I love my red hair and I love my pink walls but now....
And obviously I'll give up my pink walls hahaha cause I ADORE my red hair that hairstylist Wayne from Essensuals Bugis painstakingly dyed for me ^^

Moving on!

New wall color inspirations... where else to look other than tumblr? HAHAHA
Tumblr has the prettiest and most UNREAL rooms!
Like wf how can someone's rooms be so pretty!
So if you need inspirations on how to revamp your room, definitely go to tumblr :)

Should I get one of those dark cosy rooms with christmas lights for that slackish feel where i'd love to hangout in my own room and it wouldn't matter if the pictures i paste all over my room are unglam and amusing..

Or should it be of a girlish vibe and full of sunshine and pastel pink with a pink fur carpet on the floor...

or be the cutesy vintage loving girl with plain cream walls with tons of intricately designed and floral patterns stuff..

or save the money on repainting my walls and paste them all over with pictures that inspire me or pictures with my loved ones cause it looks awesome with orangey-yellow night light...

or stick to something modern, matured, classy and simple and admit the fact that i am already 21 and need to grow the eff up and stop having act cute pink rooms LOL...

or have floral printed wallpapers to have that totally vintage and matured vibe like i'm some extremely sentimental person who speaks really slowly and will actually spend time meditating about life and have high tea at fancy hotels...

Sooooo hard to decide!

I've always had a liking towards large windows in bedrooms but sadly my room isn't like that...

In fact, the window in my room is tiny beyond words and I don't even bother opening it in the morning to take in a breath of fresh air and hear the birds sing or whatever cause I suspect that there's some ginormous beetle nest at my window grills. Grossssss.


Okay, I shall go vex over what room color I should change to now cause it clashes with my hair color LOL #firstworldproblems

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Recently I've been hooked onto watching Laura Vitale on YouTube cause she has this extremely bubbly character which makes her shows so pleasant to watch, and she makes all her food seem so easy to prepare!!! :D
Plus, the way she describes the taste of her food.... omg i wish i could pull one of those cupcakes out of my screen :(

So here's the video that made my tummy crave soooo badly for a Red Velvet Cupcake!

And obviously, if i want something, i have to work for it!
Cupcakes don't just fall from the sky you know~~~ hahaha

And since the cupcakes are made for just my family and I, i made a few batches with red food colouring and some without food colouring in case my mum or grandma don't like the idea of putting artificially coloured stuff into their tummies :p

Without the red food colouring, the red velvet cupcakes basically look like brown chocolate cupcakes hahah
maybe they're called Brown Velvet Cupcakes or something :/

And obviously............ CREAM CHEESE SPAM!!!!! :D :D :D
My boyfriend and I LOVEEEEE cream cheese!!!! hhahaha it's damn sinful but wth, it tastes awesome and it's soooo easy to make!

This cupcake was frosted to copy Laura Vitale's ^^
But.... like this too little cream cheese already!! More please!!

Hahaha this is one of the cupcakes with Red food colouring :p
Made them smaller than the brown ones cause there was lesser batter at the end!

Yummy!!! :)
These red velvet cupcakes (minus the red) are super moist and soft, you can literally squish it like a cotton ball and it bounces back!
Awesome for people who fancy soft cakes rather than those with dry textures :) :)

Oh and since we're talking about food, have you guys tried this instant Mac & Cheese before?
I have like 3 boxes of it at home, I LOVE CHEESE!!!! ^^


Hope this post inspires you for what to have for your next meal / dessert / baking session!
heheheh LOVE YOU ALL!!! ^^


Hi sweethearts, for those who need iFairy lens, you'll definitely LOVE this post! :)
I'm sooo super excited for their contact lens now!!!

Cause I've read about several blogshops that are not able to refund their customers due to confiscation of lens at the customs, I've personally asked the owner of ThatFluffyBunny and she has given her word that the lens will be ordered in the safest way possible to prevent any confiscation!
*fingers crossed for all of us cause I really need these lens*

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ThatFluffyBunny is having a I.FAIRY & KIMCHI CHRISTMAS SALES!

This will be a one-time I.Fairy & Kimchi sales only!!!!

So do give your support, cause if this sales is a success, ThatFluffyBunny will discuss with her supplier for more sales!!!! :)

➔ Waiting Time; 1-2 weeks.
➔ Closing Date; 15 November 2011

This is like HALF of what other blogshops are selling man!!!! O.O


➔ For every pair of lens purchased, there will be a free lens casing given.
➔ You may choose 2 different degree for each pair of lens. (example; -1.50/-1.75)
➔ Remember to leave an alternative choice do avoid any disappointment.

The reason why I love iFairy lens is too obvious!!!!
Here's my past experience with iFairy lens.... I don't even have to say more :)

Support them now so that we can get more sales in future! ^^
Quote PXDKITTY for free normal postage! Purchase above 5 pairs and get free registered postage.

Perry Amber

Hi babydolls! ^^

Check this out, I tied my hair up today in a regular ponytail and took a picture but somehow the angle made me look like i have short hair!!! lol!

Anyway I went bowling with baby today and there were like 2 kids beside me who were about 10 years old and 6 years old and they were HARDCORE KICKASS bowlers!
They had their own bowling balls, striked at every other turn, knew how to throw CURL BALLS and they were half my height???
martin and I felt so paiseh with our noob bowling skills lol FOL man!

Wore my BIGBANG TOP socks for luck! :D

Took a picture while waiting for my turn to bowl, lucky shot! cause cannot really see my double chin wooo~

Read on to know more about Perry Amber! ^^

Outfit of the day:
Yellow Knitted Cropped Hoodie, Pink Ripped Denim Shorts, Leopard Creepers, Camel Backpack

And then we went to play pool again, this time i won TWICE! :D :D
My favourite part about bowling and pool actually is.....
all the fried and shiok finger food~~~~ so fattening but whatever, it makes me happy! ^^

Oooh, hi baby~~~^^
I think this is the first picture we took together since we both changed our hairstyles quite significantly? :D


Anyway, as I was saying, the chio backpack which I was carrying is from this super pretty online boutique, Perry Amber!

One look at their website and you'd be awed by how professional they are in terms of layout, order and payment system and their product shoots plus models! :D

Click on them to take a look! ^^

Wah what is this I see? Another bag???? :O

This is yet another gorgeous bag from Perry Amber! :)
I love the skull motifs on it for a fiercer look, despite the colour being a cute shade of barbie pink! :D

Here are some of their other bag designs! :)
I love how Perry Amber take pride in bringing in all these fabulous designs which we don't usually find in other online boutiques! ^^
Most other boutiques only bring in 1 or 2 bags per collection, but not Perry Amber! :D
Plus, their prices are totally reasonable! Lower than what you'd get outside! :)

Not only do they have lovely bags, their apparels are of high quality and flattering cutting too! :)
Such as this baby pink toga mesh dress,
It's perfect for crazy parties or even classy weddings!
Classy yet still sexy! Love it soooo much!

This sheer blouse in White and Black also caught my eye :)
Don't be deceived by it's simple design at the front and mistake it as your usual sheer blouse!
The lace back design makes it sooo much more unique and it'll definitely add character to your outfit!

This ruffles tube dress is also divine!
So simple yet so timeless! :)
You can wear it alone, match it with chunky metal necklaces, pair it with any type of outerwear or even tuck it into your high waist shorts!
SOOOO many possibilities with this piece! A must buy! ^^

To look for these professionals in gorgeous bags and apparels, you must visit Perry Amber! :)