Monday, December 31, 2012

Everything happens for a reason

I think we all know that feeling too well when something major screws up in our life,
and then a long chain of shit happens one after another,
and we're like...

But I just want to say that if you're going through a rough time right now,
hang in there!

I've had really low points in my life as well where everything just messed up so effing bad it felt like ending my life would be so much easier.
But I also know that suicide doesn't just involve you, but it also hurts the ones who love you super badly.
I've cried my eyes dry at a funeral blaming myself for a friend's unnatural death, and everyone else there did too.
And what was most heartbreaking was hearing my friend's mother crying in grieve and repeatedly apologizing, "Mummy is sorry..."

You may not realise it, but a lot more people care for you than you think.
You just have to give them a chance to show you that they care,
and by that I don't mean tweeting emotional tweets hoping that they will see it (we don't stalk your tweets 24/7~).
Give them a text or call letting them know you need a listening ear right now, and you'll see what I mean! :)

I believe that everything happens for a reason, good or bad.
And right now you may not know what that reason is, but some day you eventually will.

"Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason." ~ Albert Schweitzer

Good things and bad things, they all add together to make up who we are and who we're going to become.
While everyone definitely wishes for good things to happen, bad things aren't always bad as well.

Think about it.
When you were a kid, losing your favourite toy or not getting an extra candy felt like the end of the world.
But did your world end there? No.
When you got older, failing your first exam made you feel like the stupidest person in the world and you felt super useless and thought your life was going to be over.
But is it? No.
When you first got your heart broken, it hurt so much you thought that you might just die.
But did you? No.

Truth is, what you think is of massive importance right now isn't really going to be that important in a few years' time,
and don't worry, you're not going to die from it (unless you murdered someone or did some heinous crime then I really cannot guarantee you anything).
You just need to learn not to take shit that happens so seriously.

Besides, better to have shit than have nothing? (Shit can be used as fertilisers for plants, and it's still good for something lol!)
Jokes aside, there are actually a lot of things we can learn from shit that happens.

When you fail an exam you studied super hard for, don't think of it as the gods above are toying with you.
Ask yourself what went wrong - Did you lose your marks to carelessness/complacency? Did you study hard but not study smart? Were you too nervous and made silly mistakes during the exam? - and learn not to make those mistakes again.
During a class test in secondary school, I once had my calculator in RAD mode by accident instead of DEG mode, and all my answers screwed up damn badly and I failed my test.
I found out only AFTER the test and panicked like mad..
But from then on, I was super careful with my calculator mode and never made the same mistakes again!
Thankfully it was a class test and not during O levels!

When you lose your cash/ handphone/ wallet, don't start blaming everyone else.
Ask yourself first if you're to blame as well.
There was once when I went to a club to visit a friend who was feeling down (disclaimer: I went without much make up, in a big black TEESHIRT & sandals, and that guy is a mutual friend of mine and my boyfriend's, and my boyfriend knew I was going there),
with $400 in my bag (initially wanted to deposit it but I forgot to),
and because my friend told me VIP area should be safe and I accompanied my friend to the smoking room (disclaimer again: I don't smoke),
*poof* my cash pulled off a disappearing act.
Obviously I felt the pain of losing my cash and got lectured by my boyfriend for being so careless :(
But no amount of scolding or regret is going to bring my cash back, and all I can do is to suck it up and be more careful in future.
From that incident, I learnt that no matter how safe you're told a place is, it's always good to not let your guards down, especially when you're not familiar with the place (I don't go to clubs usually).
I should have just brought my entire bag with me to the smoking room T~T
And I also learnt that clubs are REALLY not my kind of place. Bad enough that I can't stand alcohol, don't like crowds, don't like being touched by other guys, don't like feeling pressured to do what they do in clubs,
now I got robbed of $400 in a club.
Never stepping into a club ever again, lol!

When you get your heart broken by a jerk, I know the feeling sucks, but just remember that there's a lot you can learn from it.
Maybe you need to learn not to fall for people so easily
Maybe you need to learn not to trust so easily
Maybe you need to learn that people who tell you sweet things all the time aren't always good for you
Maybe you need to realise that that jerk isn't really that perfect guy you initially thought he was
and the list goes on!
I've met quite a number of jerks myself and even got hit by my exbf before and at that time I really lost faith in all humanity (hahah alright, quite exaggerated but you get my drift),
but all of that doesn't matter now because
Suck on that, lousy ex-boyfriends!!!
I wrote a long blogpost for girls (and boys) going through heartbreaks HERE quite some time back, so do read it if you need some Agony Aunt Rachell right now haha!

When your friend/ loved one betrays you or turn their backs against you when you're in trouble,
well good for you because at least you've seen their true colours!
Now all you have to do is to move on (I know it's hard, but try your best!!) and focus on loving the right people!

You will meet a lot of wrong people in life so that when you meet the right ones, you can appreciate them better.

When you really really want to buy something but it's out of stock or too expensive right now
and not having it makes you feel super upset, maybe it's just not the *right* time for it yet.
Previously Martin had his eyes on this particular electric guitar which cost $2.8k
and it's the same guitar model that his idol used,
so to him, owning it would be like girls owning a real Celine bag or Birkin bag or something.
But we decided not to buy it in the end because $2.8k is simply too expensive for us.
We went back to the shop half a year later (which is recently), and they were having a Christmas sale!
Guess how much the guitar went for? $1.9k!
Wait for the best part...
The display set was the last set available and it had a few minor scratches on the back of it (which could be easily fixed), and the shop owner gave us a further discount and it went for $1.6k LOL!
So Martin bought the electric guitar plus a set of amps ($150) and the total was even lesser than the initially discounted price hahah!
The pain of not owning it few months earlier? What pain??? :D
So yes, if you think there's something you'll DIE without right now and feel tormented by not owning it,
why not wait a while and see what happens? :)

Good things are worth the wait!
(applies to waiting for the right guy/girl too)

When you're out and it's pouring, you're without an umbrella, you're running late, there're no cab around, your heels just broke while you're crossing the street,
well okay, shit like this happens to EVERYBODY sometimes.
It's not as if the heavy rain affects only you so don't be too upset by it.
Take it as a chance to train your endurance and patience or something
and try not to let it kill your mood and other people's moods too badly!
Be glad you even have legs to walk to cross the street, can even afford to pay for cab (if there was one around), and can wear pretty heels (some people can't wear heels cause of injuries etc)!

Right now, think about all the bad things that has happened to you so far
and what you've learnt from them and
how much stronger you've become because of them :)
You've been through tough times before and survived, so trust yourself that no obstacles in future can bring you down too.


I reflect on the past, because I came from nothing.” ~ Jinxx (Black Veil Brides)

Life can only be understood backwards,
so for now if everything isn't going too well, don't fret too much!
Everything, good or bad, happens for a reason.

Things will get better!

Happy New Year in advance!!
Hope we'll all have a fantastic 2013 with lots of happy things to come! :D

So here's a sneak preview of what you can expect in 2013...

See you next year (which is like a day away)!

Thank you all for reading, love you all!

Counting down...

Can't believe this year is coming to an end!
Feels like just yesterday when we were all counting down to 2012 and at the same time feeling uncertain about whether the world's really going to end this year or not... (apparently not woohoo!)

Although life isn't always smooth sailing,
if you choose to focus on all the good and happy moments, you'll realise that it's not all that bad after all :)
I've had a more than amazing time on my blog with all of you readers and I do hope that in the coming year it'll just get better!

With that, here's my final advertorial post and also my last giveaway for 2012!
Enjoy the last few days of this year,
and a very Happy New Year in advance to all of you! ♥

Received these 3 beautiful pieces from My Jewel Box recently and I love every single one of them!
My Jewel Box specialises in pre-orders of apparels that are mostly Korean fashion inspired,
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You can except flowy tops, party dresses, blazers and even studded heels and more from My Jewel Box! :)
And not only that, waiting time for the items is really quick too,
almost like buying instocks!

I really like the bold black lining of this blazer because it really makes the outfit stand out,
and I've been looking for something like this for the longest time!

These gorgeous studded boots literally go with ANYTHING!
And despite the elevation, these boots are insanely comfortable :)
You know what they say,
Good shoes bring you to good places!

One of the pretty dressy tops you won't have to fuss about what to match with because it's so pretty on its own already!
I matched it with a pair of plain black shorts and I was good to go!
Perfect for lazy days :)

If you're all about the vibrant colours, prints or simply love looking fabulous,
Style Pixies is definitely your one stop online boutique! :)
From adorably printed oversized knitted tops to eye-catching galaxy shirts to tribal crop tops and more,
Style Pixies has carefully picked out all the prettiest designs you can find around!
You'll surely be spoilt for choice at their page!
They just launched a new collection today too, so do remember to check them out! :D

I got this pair of polka dot shorts from Style Pixie and I think I'm really getting lucky with shorts nowadays 
because the cutting of this pair (I'm wearing S size) is simply divine!!!
Not only is it fitting for my waist, the material of it helps hide my tummy after my meal too haha!

Also, Style Pixies is giving us a chance to win FREE CLOTHES! :D
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So this will be my LAST giveaway for 2012!! (which is ending in a few days hehe)
I'm honestly super excited because this giveaway is courtesy of one of the most reputable online boutiques around, Ohsofickle
and also because the giveaway items are G-DRAGON inspired One Of A Kind tees!!! :D
The tees are available in Black and White at Ohsofickle :)
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Totally not challenging right hahah! xD

TWO WINNERS will be chosen at random on the 31st of December 2012, 10PM
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Trust me when I say the tees are super chio,
you definitely won't regret buying/winning it!!!
Good luck! :)

Thank you all for reading, love you all!

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Search for Host of Rediffusion

Have you ever looked at television hosts or radio deejays and wished you could some day have a voice just like them?
Having an avenue for you to express yourself and share your opinions, what a dream it would be for the most of us!

That is also probably one of the main reasons most of us create blogs, twitter accounts and other social media platforms - to voice our opinions and let people know how we feel.

When I first started out blogging about a year and a half ago, having just 20 readers on my blog a day would be an amazing deal to me already
because I was quite surprised that 20 strangers would actually bother with what I have to say! :D
And I guess that was the beginning of my little voice made possible via my blog.
People began listening to the advices that I give on my blog, people ask me about places I went to or the food I ate, people take notice of the clothes that I wear..
and while sometimes the response I get in return might not always be positive, I am thankful that at least I was given a chance for people to hear what I have to say! :)
And I'm also really grateful that my little voice has grown since then and it's not as little now,
although it's still far from being a loud and super influential voice haha!

Which is why I'd like to take this opportunity to join The Search for Host of Rediffusion and hope to win a bigger voice via Rediffusion! :D
If you've always wanted to know what it's like to be the one in front of the camera hosting your own show, or think you have the charisma and the right personality to be a radio deejay, don't hesitate any further!
Let's join this competition together!!
They're looking for 16 unique individuals in total! :D *fingers crossed*

About Rediffusion

Rediffusion Singapore is a company founded in 1949, which originally pioneered cable radio in Singapore, and has touted itself as Singapore's only subscription radio service.
In the 1960s and 1970s, the station's dialect programmes enjoyed a strong following, and many households were fitted with the Rediffusion set.
When the Speak Mandarin Campaign was launched, Rediffusion was required to stop all dialect programmes by 1982.
Facing the ban and increased competition from free-to-air radio, subscription plunged.
By the 2000s, Rediffusion had become a shadow of its glorious past.

In April 2012, Rediffusion was under receivership and went off air on 30 April.
Its branding and some of the assets was brought over by Eduplus Holdings in June 2012.
The new Rediffusion will relaunch in early 2013 with fresh content and a new identity, but will preserve its history!
It will produce original content that will be distributed over multiple platforms, which will include VOD, cable, mobile, wireless devices, social media and other platforms.
Rediffusion will have its’ own ‘Rediffusion Originals’ that include talk shows, news, entertainment, business, fashion, lifestyle and TV specials. Rediffusion’s goal is to provide relevant, diverse, exciting and uplifting programming geared towards the international market!

The new Rediffusion promises to expand its content and programmes to appeal to all age groups, both young and old.
This Search for Host of Rediffusion Contest is their first initiative to look for a fresh batch of artistes to represent Rediffusion across all our media platforms in the coming months!

When I told my mum about Rediffusion (丽的呼声), she told me that my grandmother and her used to love listening to it and they both have a lot of fond memories of Rediffusion!! :)
And she was really supportive when I told her I wanted to join this search contest too!

The Search for the Host of Rediffusion is open to everyone, regardless of age, looks, nationality or ethnicity, so long as they are interested to showcase their hosting and performing talents on TV, Internet, Radio and Live Events!
And in a Channel News Asia Interview, Rediffusion Chairman Eva Chang said,
"We are looking at just one thing – personality."

The best part is that you don't necessarily have to be a famous blogger, a drop dead gorgeous model, twitter personality, actor, popular instagrammer or what not to join this
because they're looking for new blood!! :)

This talent search will be to look for multi-talented people with personalities that shine, who will then be groomed by the company to become Rediffusion hosts.
So I think one of the most important things for us to remember is to not hold back, and don't be shy! :)
Unlike other talent searches, The Search for the Host of Rediffusion is free for all to join, and applicants who are selected will also receive free training!
All an applicant needs to do is to submit an audition video clip to the official Rediffusion Website!

The participants will be mentored by reputable mentors such as Chang Mei Hsiang, Dick Lee and more than 10 other coaches from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China!
It's definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity you can't miss!

Below shows some of the mentors and coaches you'll get to be trained by!
Visit the official Rediffusion Website to see all of the international coaches of this competition :)

Here are the judging criteria of the competition you'll also need to take note of!
Entries will be evaluated based on:
(a) Creativity
(b) X-Factor
(c) Originality

There will be a total of 5 stages to this Contest.
For Stage 1, you will need to upload a 1 minute video or audio about yourself.
You can even choose to showcase some of your talents here to get yourself noticed! :D

So here's my submission video for the competition!!

I took a look at the Rediffusion Facebook Page
and they are already posting up several updates/tips on this Contest,
so you might want to bookmark their page as well! :)

Also, several of the admins (including Chairman Eva Chang) on the Rediffusion Facebook Page have posted inspirational stories of hosts who have extraordinary personalities we can learn from!
I think these serve as pointers for us aspiring hosts (or host-wannabes hahah) for the competition as well :)
The ones that left the deepest impression on me are 罗志祥, 曾志伟 and 小S' stories!

罗志祥 made his debut when he was 15, and was often scolded by his manager for being stupid.
He also faced a lot of hardship in his career but he persevered and kept working hard until he became the all-rounded and extremely talented host he is today!
He's a singer, a dancer, an actor, a great performer and also an amazing host!
The Search for Host of Rediffusion isn't looking for someone who scores straight As in exams, but rather someone with the right attitude! :)

曾志伟 isn't the tallest, coolest or most handsome guy around, but he's earned the recognition of many in the entertainment industry.
It wasn't by a stroke of luck that he became successful, but rather, it was his never-ending hardwork that brought him to where he is today.
And I found this quote by him really inspiring, especially when I'm the kind who will feel insecure about my looks easily :')

Basically, it means that looks isn't everything even in the entertainment industry.
As long as you're willing to work hard and overcome the obstacles, you can succeed in this industry as well!

小S' story was the one that felt the closest to heart and was the most relatable!
In her story, she was always being compared to her elder sister, 大S who's always in the limelight of their show,
while 小S is always the one who's making silly faces at the side.
And when people couldn't tell both of them apart, they would say that 大S is the one with nice and straight teeth while 小S is the one with the crooked teeth.
That was when 小S decided to get braces and said,
She got teased a lot on the show when she had her braces on, but it was also because of this that more people noticed 小S for her quick wit and humour!
I really like her story because I have braces now (which I am terribly insecure of) and needed that encouragement!!
And also because I have VERY VERY PRETTY friends and am always being compared to them by others and being called the uglier one..
but I do wish that just like the 小S story, although I may not be the prettiest around, people will still like me for other things about me too! :)

I hope that you guys will feel motivated after reading these inspirational stories too!
Win or lose, I believe that this competition will be good exposure to all of us who are joining it - be it to build up our own self-confidence, to try our luck at being a host, to challenge ourselves in stepping out of our comfort zones, to try something new etc! :)

"When you grow older, you are more likely to regret something you did not do than something you did."

So hesitate no further!
Grab all your right attitudes and squeeze out every drop of talent you have and join 
The Search for Host of Rediffusion now! :)
To join the Search or for more information, please visit

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

Under the Sea

Peek a boo!
Guess where was I? :D

If you've been following my Twitter or Instagram,
I was at Resorts World Singapore's Hotel Michael with my family for my elder sister's birthday for a couple of days!! :)

Ahhh~ Getting all comfy on the hotel's bed!

Woke up really early the next morning to check out the RWS Ocean Suite my family (plus extended family) booked just for my sister's birthday!!! :D
I love my sister's birthday celebrations every year because it's always the coolest
and it's in December when everyone's less busy,
which means we can all have a family gathering as well! :)

Martin and I's very own Korean drama scene where the guy pulls the girl's hand by force and drags here somewhere lol
*feel free to fill in the blank with some Korean words here hahah*

Hello, you pull me go where?

This is the first level of the Ocean Suite!
It's a hotel room and you can see fishes in the huuuge tank from the RWS's S.E.A Aquarium :D  
There are two levels to the room and it's superrrr pretty!
But also very pricey and should be meant for very very special occasions I think!! :)
So we only booked the room for one day and shared among a lot of us but it was more than good enough!
We were fascinated by the fishes swimming by our window for HOURS hahah!
I think the tank adds on an extremely calming and magical vibe to the entire room and it looks gorgeous in pictures
but it's even more so in real life!
If you're interested in booking the Ocean Suite for a very very special date,
you can check out the rates and available dates here:

There was this super cute school of sting rays that swam together in a special formation all around the tank
and the way they moved their flaps (those wing-like things) made them look like migratory birds!
Damn cool!! :D

Sadly there weren't any dolphins in the tank :(
but the variety of sting rays alone were really entertaining already!!
I took a lot more photos of the different types of fishes (like a gigantic luo han, grouper etc) but I wasn't sure if you guys would get bored of it, so here's just some shots I found interesting hahah!

Stingray looking like it's got a mustache! :p

My happy lil bro with a happy stingray hahah

Not-sure-what-fish-this-is looking extremely pissed and unhappy that Martin is trying to kiss him LOL!!

Prettiest stingray in the tank!
The leopard ray :D :D
So glad that it kept hovering around our window (probably because it's its territory),
allowing us to take some lovely shots of it!

Martin trying to pull the leopard ray to stop it from swimming away lol!

Our couple shot by the beautiful viewing window!! :)
I love the ethereal rainbow effect on the floor caused by the refraction of light, too damn pretty!!!

Our precious birthday girl!!!
Thank you for being born in December so we can have such lovely experiences every year on your birthday, chebs!!! :D
The best elder sister anyone can ever have!!
She's always protecting all of us :') xin ku ni le!!!
When I was in Primary One, my dajie (we were from the same primary school) scolded this classmate of mine in the canteen (like a gangsta~~) cause that classmate bullied me lol!!

And this is the dajie of my family's next generation - my niece (my cousin's daughter)! :)
She totally knows how to pose for the camera and knows how to entertain us no matter how tired she is!
And she LOVES looking at her own pictures lol DAMN CUTE xD
She's like a mini-celebrity in our family and everyone can't wait to gain her favour and make her laugh!! :D

Whoops, vain pot alert!

This is the second floor of the Ocean Suite hotel room!
They even have a jacuzzi outside omg!
The place is absolutely and insanely luxurious, so I took as many pictures as possible (I am only posting the nicest few) because I probably will not be able to go there ever again unless I strike 4D or something hahah!
Which will never happen because I never ever buy 4D or TOTO or what not :S

Still regretting cutting my fringe for the Tsubasa lookalike competition because I totally can't work the whole straight bangs look :S
So I guess I'm stuck with pinning my fringe up for the next few..... months?

So blessed with such a sweet and good-looking boyfriend :'D :'D

Sorry I still can't really smile naturally with braces on, but here's my boyfriend looking extremely cute in this picture! ^~^
We were actually sitting on a moving buggy to move from places to places (free service for staying at the Ocean Suite), which explains all the blurry pictures,
and we were facing backwards and I was precariously holding out my camera and camwhoring :S
If my camera had dropped..... that's it.
Thankfully it didn't though heheh! :D

Camera threatening to fall onto the road any time, but here's another blurry camwhore shot of me!

And then we all went to have my sister's birthday dinner at RWS's Osia! :)

Xiao gu, why're you always trying to take my pictures??

My dajie and I are like those typical obsessive weird aunties that fawn over their niece like mad hahah

Mummy, will I look pretty on camera if I pose like that?

I don't know the names of what we ate because the adults ordered for us to share but everything tasted really good!!! :)
So please enjoy the pictures and feel free to salivate, cause I am salivating right now too b;

*while already holding a flower on her hand*
Can I have another one of that flower?

Hehe please? I will smile for you! *forces a smile*

After dinner, it was time to sing the birthday song for the birthday girl!
And we sang it really loudly on purpose to disturb her so that passers-by would stare at her heheh
The cake was a really yummy banana and caramel cream ice cream cake!
Then once we were done eating it, we went back to the hotel room......

Went to the S.E.A Aquarium the next day!
Please skip this section if you hate fishes, think fishes are boring as eff, can't stand the colour blue etc etc!

It's WAAAAY bigger than our Underwater World and there's a lot more to see so do check this place out some day!
It's quite fun and it's about $29 per adult! :)
Worth it!

Walking on top of a fish tank with huge fishes swimming below us... honestly quite scary :X

So many colourful fishes!!

And we get to touch some of the starfishes and all too!
So fun hahah but the poor starfishes must've felt so violated with so many people touching it everyday :x

Some yummy-looking.... I mean exotic-looking crabs :D

Cute bouncy jelly fishes looking like light bulbs!

Reminds me of poached eggs swirling in a pot of boiling water....

The super large tank!
See the white framed rectangles at the back of the tank?
Those are the Ocean Suites!!
I think the view from the S.E.A Aquarium was waaaay more breath taking than from the hotel room though,
although the Ocean Suites will mean more privacy and more time to camwhore with the fishes that swim by :)

Got to see this majestic black sting ray up close, which we didn't get to see as clearly from our hotel room previously!

Martin looked at this and said "Feels like I'm looking at a seafood restaurant's tank" hahah
My grandmother and all of us were damn typical hahah,
going around the tanks excitedly to see which fishes we recognize because we've eaten it before lol whoops :X

Fierce looking moray eels!
These were HUUUUGE and there were about 10 of them in a tank!

Another one of the largest tanks, with over 200+ sharks in it if I didn't remember wrongly!
Would you like to to go for the swim of your life? :S

If this was Fishing Joy, I'd have easily gained 2k points with 1 laser shot hahah!

Super fun experience and I'd recommend you all to go with your loved ones to the S.E.A Aquarium!!
My post didn't cover everything we saw there because I was too excited running around to even take pictures haha!
But you really have to go see for yourselves to get the full experience of it!

Some of the exquisite souvenirs we saw on our way out! :)

And then we went back to the Hotel Michael and my sis, boyfriend and I went to make full use of their free gym service yay! :D

This has been my (and also my family's) most fruitful and exciting trip to RWS so far and I'm super grateful for it!!! :)
Being with my family & boyfriend (who's almost like family already) always makes me so happy!! :D

Thank you all for reading this long post, love you all!