Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DRx #3

If you've read my previous post about my first visit to DRx, you should know that my skin has improved tremendously! :)

Before & After

Since then, DRx has invited me to review their one of their facial treatments! :)

Plus because life is all about progress,
(because if we remained stagnant there'd be nothing to look forward to)
(okay fine, I was just being greedy.. human nature, don't pretend you're not like that too lol)
I went to DRx for a review of my skin after about a month and to do a treatment!

Dr Angela was happy with my skin's improvement and I was recommended to go for the Carbon Laser + Cryo Rejuvenation treatment ($3500 for 5 sessions)
to help with my open pores and also to help brighten my skin.
Since my clogged pores weren't the main issue anymore with the help of the Derma-Rx product range,
Dr Angela felt that it was a good time to treat my open pores and that'll help me get closer to my dream (and everyone else's dream) of flawless skin! :)
Also because my skin is quite dull without make up, so some brightening effect would be good!
I liked it when the doctor said the treatment is for brightening, and not whitening.
Cause the idea of whitening just makes me think it's bleaching out my skin, but not necessarily to give it a healthy glow.
Whereas brightening makes me think of radiant and dewy skin! :)

This is before treatment!
My skin was already really not bad before the treatment because of the Derma-Rx products,
and compared to how my skin was before this, I really have no right to complain at all :D
(plus this was my pms period, and only one pimple!!! heng ah~)
But like I said, it's all about the progress, so I went ahead to try the  Carbon Laser + Cryo Rejuvenation treatment!

(please pardon the super messy hair, I woke up late :X)

I was brought to cleanse my face and the staff helped me apply this black Carbon mask thing, and then they let me sit at a special waiting room where I took pictures with my black face :D

And then awhile later, I went into the treatment room and Dr Angela used this laser thingy (at that point I was imagining it's like some huge laser ray gun, cause I couldn't see cause my eyes were covered with eye protectors lol) to zap off the areas with the black mask.
It didn't hurt one bit, it just sounded like static or sparklers so at the start you might feel a little startled.
But once you get used to the sound it's actually not that bad!

Just like how when you're in the waiting room, weird drilling sounds always come out of the dentist's operating room and you're like "wtf is going on, someone's dying inside~~~", but actually it's just someone getting their teeth washed -.- hahah!

I actually asked what this Carbon Laser treatment will do, because I always like to know what goes on in a treatment, what's being put on my face etc because I never like to dive into getting treatments done without knowing what to expect. Especially when the treatment is a little on the pricey side~
So I'll try to tell you guys what the treatment does to the best of my ability... because I'm not a professional and I don't know all the proper terminologies :x

Basically the carbon mask will penetrate into your skin, especially the big open pores (which is why you have to wait for it to dry for a few minutes), and the doctor will use the laser on the areas with the carbon mask, and this will zap the carbon layer off.
When the carbon layer is zapped off, it causes a very small "wound" on the open pores and this stimulates your skin to help that area recover and naturally close up the "wound".
The word "wound" sounds scary but I don't know how else to put it hahah!
But this treatment does not have any down time, which is why I said the wound is really small cause it doesn't cause any scabbing or peeling.

Check out my alien fingers lol! Real mature~

Immediately after the Carbon Laser treatment, my skin already looks brighter!
But it's not the end yet~
After treating the open pores, there's a Cryo Rejuvenation treatment to pamper my skin with lots of beneficial serums and stuff :D :D

Unlike the Carton Laser treatment, the Cryo Rejuvenation is super cooling and relaxing, and I almost fell asleep lol!
The nurse will lay you down on a bed and put some serums on your face, and then she'll use a cooling handpiece which has low electrical currents (you can't actually feel it though) to help push the serum's ingredients into your skin! :)
I love this part of the entire treatment the most because it felt so pampering! ^~^
And the cooling effect definitely helps reduce puffiness and redness on your skin!

Immediately after the Cryo Rejuvenation treatment, my skin felt refreshed and rejuvenated!
It looked brighter, and the pimple on my forehead area looked less reddish.
And this my face a few days later with make up! (at Essensuals Bugis getting my hair done)
I forgot to resize it, but this means you can actually click on it to zoom in on all my pores to see the result of the Carbon Laser + Cryo Rejuvenation treatment from DRx Clicnic :)

I used to dread applying foundation because my skin surface is always dry and flaky, but I think because of the products and treatment, my skin became more "obedient" when it came to applying foundation!
I'm applying significantly less foundation than I did before because my natural skin tone looks healthier now, and to me that's a really huge deal! :')

My overall review of this Carbon Laser + Cryo Rejuvenation treatment is that I really liked it and if my skin had emotions or could talk, it would be really happy and be telling me "Thank you!" lol!
I was told that results would be more significant after about 5 sessions, which is why they offer a package at $3500 for 5 sessions of this treatment.
But like I said in my first visit to DRx clinic blogpost, the doctors actually recommend trying out their products first before going for laser or any type of treatment,
because if the products can work for you, there's not really a need to pay more for laser treatments.
But if you want to be greedy (like me), then there'll be a price to pay lor haha :x

I personally can be really happy with using just the Derma-Rx products alone on a daily basis,
and will probably go for the laser treatments for extra special occasions (like CNY!!) or just to pamper myself once in awhile :)

I will still keep you guys updated on my skin condition from time to time just for those who are interested :)

And if you're interested to call up DRx Clinic for an appointment,
do remember to let them know that you are a reader of Rachell's blog or you know Rachell,
and you'll get consultation fee waived off!
Save $50 leh!!! :D
So do remember to let them know, especially when you're paying! :p

The DRx Clinic (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hello! :)

Martin's camp is pretty near Northpoint, so he's kind of familiar with the place.
And the other day he brought me to this buffet place, knowing how much I like buffets, which I thought was really sweet of him :)
The place was alright, I was just not a huge fan of it,
although when I asked, Martin said he could see himself coming back to dine there again~

It's a buffet restaurant and we went on a Saturday so it cost us about $82 in total including GST and what not.

Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Northpoint Shopping Centre #03-47/50
Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Tel : 6484 1090

Wore my maroon studded shorts from MyFashionAffair :)
They have a ton of pretty sweet designs up for grabs! :)
They are currently also having a sale, so do check them out:

I was actually most excited for the snow crab legs, just as I'd be with other Japanese buffets,
but I found theirs a tad too salty for my liking.
I'd have preferred it if it had more of the natural sweetness of the crab.

I thought their prawns and scallops were yummy though :)
I took at least 8 servings of those for myself LOL!
Especially the ones without the sauce/gravy (like plain BBQ or steamed), because again the sauces were too saltish for me :(

The ebi fry was one of my favourites for the night too :)
They have an ebi tempura and an ebi fry, I tried both and preferred the ebi fry cause the batter was a lot nicer!

Not a big fan of the seafood and pork belly soups, cause they tasted like miso soup base
(I personally prefer those milky ramen soup!),
but they did serve pretty good creamy mushroom soup at Momiji :)

If "kani" means crab, and "nabe" means hotpot.....
How do you say "crab hotpot"? :X

Wish they'd served the beef without the gravy :/
I feel so anti-gravy right now hahah
idk.. their gravy was just not my thing that night, sorry!

Their mentai dishes were good though!
Salmon with mentai sauce, prawns with mentai sauce, mentai crayfish, mentai scallops... yummy! b;
Anything with the mentai sauce is pretty darn good I think! :)

Desserts were okay~
Brownie was not bad but I didn't particularly like their bread & butter pudding (I usually love them).
But I must say I'm quite a fussy eater, so I'm quite critical haha so please take my words with a pinch of salt!

See the white and orange jelly on the left?
The white/transparent one is Lychee flavour and I had 2 servings of that :p
My favourite dessert out of the lot heheh!

They have Haagen Dazs ice cream served at a buffet, which I think is a pretty huge deal because it's expensive
but I was quite sad there wasn't plain vanilla flavour :(
Or maybe because it's all out of stock cause it was a Saturday and there were lots of people.

Brownie plus chocolate fondue, super sinful but sooo good! :)

Overall, Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant was alright.
I probably won't go there again because it's quite far for me,
but any types of buffet are always lovely to go to.
Just knowing that you can eat all I want makes me happy hahah!

Will blog again soon with more updates when I'm free!

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jipaban: Model Off-Duty Look

I think most of us LOVE models in their full glitz and glamour because they always look so perfect and flawless!

But for most of us, their glammed up ourfits and extravagant make up is just not very wearable for us with our day-to-day errands and such!
So I often choose to look to Model Off-Duty looks for inspiration on what looks good! :D
It's like the best of both worlds - you get to sport similar styles to that of models, and also get to feel super comfortable all day long despite wearing beautiful clothes!

So today I'll be sharing 4 different super easy to achieve Model Off-Duty looks with apparels from maryjulian,
and accessories from Jipaban :)

I feel that the number one Model Off-Duty Look would have a knitted/ long-sleeved top!
Long sleeves always look more formal and dressed up compared to a top/teeshirt with short sleeves,
and with the right materials, these can be the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe ever!
Plus, they're so fuss-free, all you need are a pair of shorts and you're ready to go :)

For this look, I'm wearing:

I've also picked out some other apparels and accessories from maryjulian and Jipaban that would go well with the Lexi Mesh Pullover (Black)! :)
The Lexi Mesh Pullover is extremely comfortable even on a warm day because it's sort of like a soft mesh material - totally "breathable" if that's the right word for it hahah!
But it's also slightly sheer so you might want to wear a black tube or tank top inside it.
For the daring, you can just rock it on its own! ;)

I must mention that ever since my favourite 3-year-old wedges broke, I've never found a more comfortable and super walkable pair... until I got these Raduth Cut-Out Wedges from Jipaban!! :D
They fit so well I got the same design in Khaki Brown and Black! :)
I've been eyeing on the Graham Growl Tote for quite some time now, and I finally got it, yay!
I really like how it's a kind of a matured cute (plus fashionable and a bit fierce haha) instead of kiddish cute!

And here's an alternative to Model Off-Duty Look #1! :)

I'm wearing:
Stardust Shimmer Pullover (Nude) by maryjulian
Tenorio Two Tone Tote (Brown)
Raduth Cut-Out Wedges (Black)

The Stardust Shimmer Pullover (Nude) is my favourite!
Because the neutral colour of it is perfectly balanced with the subtle shimmers in the material :D

And if you think about it, it's really super easy to get this look!
Do up a messy hair bun and put on a pair of sunglasses for that extra star quality, and there you have your own "model" off-duty look heheh! :D
Now we can all feel like (self-proclaimed) models, yay!

For Model Off-Duty Look #2, it's a more chic and edgy look, without being over the top :)
The secret formula? A long shirt with a skinny waist belt!
Long and oversized shirts can sometimes make you lose your figure (optical illusion), and make you look big!
So by adding on a skinny waist belt (black is my preferred choice!), it tightens the silhouette at your waist, giving the visual impression of a small waist!

I'm wearing:
EllieMay Metal Tip Shirt by maryjulian
Small Round Buckle Belt (Black)
Raduth Cut-Out Wedges (Khaki Brown)

Compared to the usual plain white shirts, I think the loud prints on the EllieMay Metal Tip Shirt really sets it above the rest and draws the right attention!
And yet it's a safe top for most of us because you can never go wrong with black and white! :)
Plus the material of the shirt is unbelievably soft and slightly stretchy too!

Do switch between jeans, shorts, leggings and shirts to create an different look each time!
This top may look complicated, but don't be deceived by it!
It matched so well with many of my other apparels, I can't wait to wear it out :D
Looks good with layering too!

My brown leather jacket and all the other items in this collage are from Jipaban too! :D

If you like to feel sexy even on dress down days, this Model Off-Duty Look #3 is for you!

Tank tops, crop tops, spaghetti tops - think figure-hugging and also flattering cutting :)
For this look, the cutting of your tops are extremely crucial!
With the wrong cutting, you could go from "model off-duty look" to "bought this top when I was 9, wearing it cause it still fits"
and you do not want that to happen :S

And if you've been searching high and low for one that's perfect (I know the pain too well haha), look no further!
The Vieve Knit Top from maryjulian is everything you can ever ask for :D
It's light weight, non-sheer, has an amazing cutting, and it's sexy without being revealing!
Comes in several other colours too so do visit to take a look :)

With a top this perfect, there's really nothing much you need to worry about when it comes to pairing with your accessories!
For this look, less is definitely more! :)

"My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.” ~ Emma Watson

For the girls/models who can't get enough of looooong dresses even off-duty, you'll love look #4 :)
I have to admit, long dresses really make you look so much taller and more slender!
It's no wonder why some people love them so much.

The most importantly part of this look is a basic long jersey dress!
In fact, with this dress on, you may not even need to accessorize your outfit
cause the sheer length of it will be so stunning, nobody will care about anything else haha!
Unlike your other maxi dresses made of chiffon, satin, lace and what not, a jersey dress is made of the most comfortable material ever!
It's soft, super smooth, easy to clean, and you can literally RUN AND JUMP in it (although you may lose a few glam points if you really did that hahah)!
Jersey dresses are awesome for girls who need to move around a lot
because you'll be able to run your errands as usual, but still look amazing!

I wish all my other dresses were made of the same material!

For this look:
Tori Jersey Midi Dress (Black) by maryjulian

This is undeniably one of the easiest but prettiest look you can sport on dress down days :)
It's so simple and comfortable, but it definitely is as much of a head-turner as your glammed up outfits!
Have a last minute formal event you need to go to?
Just put on a sparkly or statement necklace to bring out the full elegance of the Tori Jersey Midi Dress!

I've added the Carmen Lace Necklace from Jipaban in the collage because I haven't seen such an intricate and eye-catching necklace in a really long time, and it's only at $12.50, omg!

And that's all the Model Off-Duty looks I have for this post, and I really hope you girls liked it! :D

If you can't remember all of the above looks or tips, I think the essence of a model off-duty look is actually...
To LOOK like you don't care, but in actuality you do
Hahaha I know that sounds a bit funny but I'm being serious here!!

The latest collection of maryjulian is called Collection Code: Moda, and it's all about the casual chic and effortlessly pretty - the Model Off-Duty look! :)
If you're feeling up to the challenge, do take pictures of yourselves in maryjulian pieces and share them on instagram,
then hashtag #maryjulian and @jipaban, and stand a chance to win $200 worth of maryjulian designs! :D

Happy shopping!

Thank you for reading!
Love you all!

Singing Lessons

Hi loves! :)

Just to let you guys know some of the things I've been busy with recently!
If you're following me on twitter (@rachelltan_), I'm currently taking driving lessons!!! :D
And it's really fun!
I'm having these lessons like 3 or 4 times a week, and the rest of the days are filled with other lessons.
Fingers crossed that I'll be able to get my license soon!!!

This is pretty much what my driving lessons look like..... hahaha

I'm also taking Singing Lessons at Ocean Butterflies Music Forest!
They have founded and groomed many artists such as Kit Chan, A-Do, By2, Lin Jun Jie and many more,
so I'm just taking this opportunity to hopefully gain a bit of talent hahah!
They also offer dance lessons.... but I think my bones a bit too old for that already, so I'll pass :p

海蝶森林 Music Forest Pte Ltd
2 Orchard Link, #03-08
Singapore 237978

The vocal coach is teaching us from the very basic,
which is awesome for me because I haven't had any form of vocal training prior to this!
But say real, my class is full of people who have singing talents lor omg hahaha
Some of them have participated in singing competitions before, are performing live for events now etc.
And I'm like..... I only sing at KBOX? :x

Lessons are held fortnightly, and we have a total of 18 lessons!

Either way, I feel that learning singing isn't always about becoming a star (although no doubt it'd be damn awesome if it happens hahah),
but more like learning a new skill.
When you go to karaoke with your friends, you definitely do not want to burst their ear drums too badly right? :p
Or like, if you ever want to impress the person you like, being able to hold a tune and sing fairly well would certainly be to your advantage, no?

Our first lesson 2 weeks back was quite fun and interesting, although I was shy LOLOL
I have class tomorrow again and we'll have to choose a song to sing LIVE in front of our class of 8 plus our teacher,
I'm quite nervous ahhhh :S

Btw, they also did a mini photoshoot for us that day :)

Anyway, I hope I'll be able to make improvements and I'll keep you guys updated!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Really sorry to have not been updating recently :(
As mentioned previously, I'm going to be having quite a number of lessons for the next few.. months or year,
and I won't be able to update my blog as much as before.
But I'll still try~

Anyway, good news is that Martin is back from his overseas deployment! :)

And over the weekend I tried making crepes for the first time for him and it turned out pretty well! :D
Beginner's luck I'd say!

By the way, does anyone know the correct pronunciation for "crepe"?
Some people say it as "creep", some say "crape" (like scrape without the s), and some say it like "crap"
and among all, I find it immensely difficult to call these delicious treats crap hahah!

Anyway, I randomly googled for a recipe and I used the one from this website:

French Crepes Recipe
Serves 12

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon white sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 eggs
2 cups milk
2 tablespoons butter, melted

1. Sift together flour, sugar and salt; set aside. In a large bowl, beat eggs and milk together with an electric mixer. Beat in flour mixture until smooth; stir in melted butter.

2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 2 tablespoons for each crepe. Tip and rotate pan to spread batter as thinly as possible. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

And I used a HappyCall pan (one of my favourite things in the kitchen!!) to fry the crepes because it's super non-stick and it makes the job a whole lot easier!
Cleaning up was super easy too :)


I first tried out with a Nutella base and banana slices and they made such delicious dessert crepes!!!
Then again, how can you go wrong with chocolate and banana? xD
It's crispy, chocolately, sweet and kind of healthy (i think?) and I can't get enough of it!

Then the next day I decided to make a savory crepe using the same crepe recipe (which is only very very mildly sweet)
with mozzarella cheese and ham slices :)
A few slices of this extremely fun to make and immensely yummy creation and our lunch was settled! :D

Had a tiny bit of batter left and I made a teeny Nutella crepe for Martin as dessert, so cute!! :D

Anyway I haven't been out much recently too.
Still loving the awesome protection of my room, just looking for random things to do at home when I'm not at my lessons :D


And did I mention how much I love going to the orthodontist?
Everytime I go to Tooth Angels (The Central) I always end up buying something that I really like! :D
Just bought these cute cat ears hairband the other day at a cosplay shop at The Central and it's currently my favourite! :)
And also because everytime I go for braces tightening, I feel like I'm a step closer to removing them!

In a weird way I like it when my braces feel extremely tight and hurt a bit (I sound quite masochistic right now lol), because it means my teeth are moving!

LEFT was my teeth before the most recent tightening,
RIGHT is 2 DAYS after tightening!
I'm pleasantly surprised at how fast the teeth moved!!
I've always disliked how untidy my lower set of teeth looked, especially when I talk to others/ in videos,
so I'm really looking forward to having straight teeth asap~

(sorry for the gross pic)

I'm getting my braces done at Tooth Angels (The Central) for those who are interested,
and if you're getting it there.....
sometimes I go for braces tightening without make up, so please don't judge my bare face ok hahaha

And I can't emphasize enough how much I want to get over and done with this!
If you're young and are not happy with your teeth, please get braces soon because it's a lot more inconvenient to get them when you're older.
I went to the doctor recently (who's significantly older than I am) and the doctor has braces too
and he was telling me about how troublesome it is and we totally had a rant about braces blues lol!

Quite sick of smiling so unnaturally like this already, but I can't smile properly with braces,
so please bear with me!

And by the time you're reading this, I will be filming a new episode for Reelity Bites! :D
I won't be able to blog as much, but the Reelity Bites episodes will still keep coming!
Do support ReelityTV and Follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, and most importantly, please WATCH OUR VIDEOS!!! :D

Also, to thank you guys for your support, ReelityTV is having a MARCH GIVEAWAY for a 32GB iPod Touch at their Facebook page too!!! :)

Will update again soon when I can! :)

Love you all,
thank you for reading!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

GUESS: Spring collection 2013

GUESS, the American lifestyle brand famous for its glamorous, sexy and adventurous lifestyle, introduces a new fashion forward collection for Spring; bringing out her playful and enthusiastic nature!

So along with Qiuqiu, Sophie and Beatrice, I went to GUESS' showroom the other day and we got to check out the bags from GUESS Spring collection 2013, thanks to NuffnangSG!

From punchy colors to pretty brights, the bags from this collection come in a myriad of rainbow hues.
Large canvas totes with leather trim, and oversized woven hobos make the perfect carryalls this season.
It’s all about mix of materials, soft volumes and metal details!
By the way, all the skins you see are embellishes :) 

I absolutely love the cute bright and pastel colours because they're just immediate head-turners.
And not to mention the intricate and beautiful charms hanging on the bags, like the perfect icing to a cupcake! :D

And for this post, we got to loan 5 of our favourite designs from their Spring 2013 collection! :D
It was so difficult to choose because the selection was amazing!
There were so many gorgeous designs to choose from and I wished I could bring them all home!

But after much deliberation, I finally decided on these 5 as my top picks! :)
I think Sophie said all the bags I chose were MASSIVE hahah :p
I personally LOVE huge bags!
There were many other pretty clutches, wristlets and other smaller bags at the showroom,
but I just couldn't resist picking the biggest ones!
I'm the type of person who has to bring my (huge) wallet, a make up case for touching up, my water bottle, my bulky camera and some other stuff out all the time,
so a larger bag just makes that so much easier, and not to mention how much attention a big bag can draw for you! :p

For a good variation, I decided to pick different prints, materials and shapes of the bags :)
And at the end of this post, there is a contest you can join!
You'll have to guess which is my TOP FAVOURITE bag out of the 5 I picked, so do keep that in mind while reading this post :)
(I'm going to be honest and tell you it's quite tough because even I took a long time to decide heheh)
But it'll be super worth joining this contest because the winners of this contest will get to win a GUESS Handbag of their choice and a chance to appear in a leading local fashion magazine with their favourite blogger!!! :D
I'm so excited for it!!!
Do read till the end of this post for the full details :)

I've also categorized the bags into 5 different styles, in no order of preference, to help you GUESS which is my favourite! :)

First of all, we have the Everyday Look, with the Wilcox Carryall!

Wilcox Carryall
GUESS' softest leather-like material meets tonal colored studs that perfectly complement contemporary styles.
The result is an amazing family of handbags, great and versatile for the every day Riviera life.
This bag comes in black, white cognac, and popped with lime for a more modern, chic look. 

Instead of your usual spiked metallic studs (which are more on the punk/ edgy side),
this bag offers a more classy variation with the coloured studs and so it's more versatile and can be paired with any type of outfit!

I am in love with the shape of this bag!
It has a sleek structured shape but it's slightly slouchy at the same time from the soft leather -
it's just the perfect balance of work and play for an everyday bag.
And the surprising pop of colour of the material inside of the bag totally completes it! :D

The Wilcox Carryall isn't the only bag with this stunning interior and you'll see more of it later! :)
It definitely shows that GUESS pays attention to every single detail on the bag, from the smooth quality of the zipper to the stitching and even to the inner linings of all their bags!

For an everyday look, I always go for something easy to wear and is comfortable,
which is why my wardrobe is 50% made up of knitted tops haha!
And while the Wilcox Carryall comes in other lovely colours, I feel like black is the most versatile and will be able to match with most of my tops :)

Whether you're out on a date, for a drink, for a meeting, or just to run some errands,
having the Wilcox Carryall by your side will be your best and most fuss-free decision ever!
No more worries about your outfits clashing with your bag :)

Plus it has the perfect length of straps to sling on your shoulder!
Everything about this bag is just super convenient, and not forgetting extremely chic :D

Next up, we have the Formal & Classy look with the Huma (VG) Satchel!

Huma (VG) Satchel
This version of GUESS' Huma collection has just what the Guess girl wants.
Everything is made even more special by use of delicate details.
A precious lucite charm hangs off each bag and adds an even more feminine vibe.
Tiny metal belting pieces give the clean lines of each silhouette an added interest.
A bold Lucite personalization sits on a contrasting patch and is the latest touch of refinement. 

By the way I think I'm obsessed with the GUESS logos on each of the bags!
They always look so detailed and classy, I can't take my eyes off them!

One look at the Huma (VG) Satchel and I visualize the prettiest, most elegant and sweetest office girl/ lady you'll ever know!
From the one-of-a-kind thin straps to the sleek metallic details to the super cute lucite flower pendant,
this bag is quite the epitome of style meets class, with a pop of girlish charm.

I love how all the bags I chose from GUESS Spring 2013 had lots of small compartments for me to store important items.
The problem with having big bags is having all your stuff in a huge mess sort of clumped together inside the bag
and it sometimes takes forever to look for a smaller item like your wallet or handphone.
So this is where the little compartments come in handy :)

The most unique feature about this bag that stood out to me was how GUESS managed to make a bag this big not lose any of its delicateness!
The Huma (VG) Satchel easily exudes the femininity and sleekness of a bag half its size!
To me, this bag screams "I'm a hard worker, but an extremely chic and trendy one ;)",
and it's simply perfect for work or school!

The Huma (VG) Satchel plus a soft structured blazer = perfect!
I'm a huge fan of Korean fashion as well, and the beautiful contrast of cream and black colours on this bag would undoubtedly be one that most Korean fashion enthusiasts would love!

I also paired my outfit with a GUESS gold chain double wrap leopard print watch :)

Now it's time to lighten up, and add a little more flavour and spunk to things with the Leandra Saffiano Large Box Satchel!

Leandra Saffiano Large Box Satchel
Leandra Saffiano is feminine in its solid version.
Plays of pastels are combined with touches of pop patent colors.
Enamel contrasting personalization combined with a rhinestone Guess script charm add extra interest and pop against the solid body materials.

I chanced upon a bright pink coloured wall when I was out the other day (in a brighter shade of pink than my room's!)
and it was the perfect backdrop for the Leandra Saffiano Large Box Satchel!

Young, fun and sassy - these are the words that come to mind when I look at the Leandra Saffiano Large Box Satchel.
Being a girl isn't always about wearing flowy maxi dresses or having soft, gentle dispositions.
Sometimes, being a girl is all about having a great time, being loud, and just feeling comfortable in your own skin! :)

The Leandra Saffiano Large Box Satchel has the right amount of sass, bling, sweetness and attitude that a girl can ever ask for!
Plus the moment I opened the zipper of this bag, I think I just went to heaven and came back.
Pink and white polka dots! Are you serious? I LOVE IT!!!

Never thought that a denim jacket would go well with pink?
Well, think again! :)
I love how adding the Leandra Saffiano Large Box Satchel to my outfit allowed me to dress so casually in denims (usually it would look a bit boyish), but still brings out so much girlish vibe!
Best for hang outs with girlfriends, or doing my favourite past time - shopping - because I think that when you're dressed comfortably you can walk a lot more and shop better! :)

The colours... omg it's so stunning I want to cry hahah! :')
The Leandra Saffiano Large Box Satchel can easily make any older girls/ ladies (like myself) feel young again,
and that feeling is absolutely refreshing!!! :p
This is also an ideal choice of bag for younger girls who loves fashion and like to dress up, but don't want to look too mature for their age! :)

I also loaned a black wristlet from GUESS from the same range to show how else you can match it :)

And what's a sassy girl without her blings? :)
I completed my outfit with a blinged up adjustable ring from GUESS!

Every girl needs to feel Confident & Sexy once in awhile, and I think the Tisbury Tote brings out this style completely!

Tisbury Tote
The most beautiful shades of coral, blue and naturals entwine in a sophisticated play of panels to create elegant colorblocks.
The Tisbury collection is freshened up by touches of pops on small handle charms and handles.
A two tone personalization gives her the latest wow factor and satisfies her craving for high fashion.

Among all the bags I chose, this one looks the most exotic and has that sexy flavour to it!
Embossed animal skins or prints will always be in style and I can't get enough of animal / reptile prints :D

And because this bag is so eye-catching and flashy, it's certainly a bag you'd carry on special days when you feel extra confident, want that added star quality to your outfit and when you know you'd love the extra attention! :)
To name a few occasions when I feel like this:
My birthdays, when I do something really drastic and outrageously fabulous to my hair at the salon, when I feel like pampering myself the entire day and set all work aside etc!

Again, GUESS shows their dedicated attention to the most minute of details!
The gold heart-shaped handle charm with engraving on it is simply precious.
Another reason to love this bag more! :)

My favourite part of the Tisbury Tote is actually the contrasting colours and embossing of the panels, which gives that high fashion edge to the bag :)

This is my favourite picture of the Tisbury Tote! :D

Last but definitely not the least, embrace your inner bombshell with the Azadeh Small Box Satchel!

Azadeh Small Box Satchel
Large front and back patches of sting ray embellish soft new volumes.
Azadeh combines a different skins for an interesting colorblock result.
Python trim in contrasting colors on handles and smaller detail gives the last touch of wildness.
A suede fringe tassel as a charm gives a touch of hippie chic, along with a earthy stone circle charm.        

Although the Azadeh Small Box Satchel is the smallest out of the bags I've chosen (but definitely this isn't the smallest in the GUESS Spring 2013 collection),
it is in many ways as awesome as or maybe even more awesome than its counterparts! :)
A comfortably slouchy shape, splendid sting ray embellish, contrasting python trim, colourblocking, lots of charms, and a dazzling shiny logo of GUESS on it - this bag is everything a girl can ever ask for, and so much more!
The Azadeh Small Box Satchel is a bag that allows you to have everything at once without being an overkill,
and I'm personally all about being greedy and wanting every sort of style, texture and attitude all rolled up into one hahah! :D

I chose this as the bombshell bag because it's plain sexy, fun and super fashionable!
The colour combination of the Azadeh Small Box Satchel is girlish, but the use of pastel hues made the bag look super pleasing to the eyes.
I can totally imagine all the trendy and pretty girls sporting this bag, and I'm hoping that by carrying it too,
I'd fit into that category hahah! :p

And let's not forget how effortlessly gorgeous this bag looks in pictures too!

A marvelous prop for girls who like to take a lot of pictures, especially of their outfits! :D

There are some clothes that make you feel exceptionally pretty, and it's the same for bags too :)
The Azadeh Small Box Satchel is every girl's best friend because just by carrying this exquisite bag alone makes you feel super pretty already! :D
For me, if I owned this bag, I'd probably add a few more unabashedly obtrusive and huge charms to it
(think pink, fluffy and makes subtle jingly sounds when you move it around),
just to make it more personalised!
I think it'll be really fun to always be on the search for more pretty charms to add onto or swap around this bag!

Alright, now that you've seen all the 5 different bags that I've chosen, it's time to GUESS which is my top pick! :)

To take part in this contest, you will have to create a story board inclusive of:
A picture of the bag (taken from my blogpost)
♥ A picture of yourself
♥ Any other apparel(s) you think matches the bag
And post it onto your Instagram!
You must also include the hashtags #GUESSTote and #RachellTan for your entry to be valid :)

Some of my favourite phone applications for creating collages / story boards are PhotoWonder and Photo Collage.
Don't be afraid to use your creativity and add on cute frames to the pictures, sparkly effects and what not! :)
You are allowed to post MORE THAN ONCE (must be a different story board), and if you're really determined to win,
you can even guess all 5 bags as my favourite, as long as you make a nice story board for it hehe! :p
That will definitely increase your chances of winning!
Here's a very basic example of how you can do it!

Sample entry for Instagram contest:
#GUESSTote I think this is #RachellTan's favourite bag!
Contest ends on 24 March 2013, so do hurry!
This contest is awesome because the winners of this contest get to win a GUESS Handbag of their choice,
and a chance to appear in a leading local fashion magazine with me!
So if you like me and want to be on a magazine with me, please join this contest so we can go for the photoshoot together! :D
It's going to be soooo fun and exciting, I can't wait!

This is optional, but I think it'll score you lots of extra brownie points if you could head down to GUESS and GUESS Accessories store to view the new Spring 2013 collection and maybe pose with the actual bag for your story board! :D

You can find GUESS and GUESS Accessories store at:
GUESS Marina Bay Sands
GUESS Takashimaya S.C
GUESS Accessories Store Raffles City
GUESS Accessories Store Vivo City
GUESS Accessories Store Bugis 

Good luck for the contest, and I look forward to meeting the winner! :D

Hope you all have enjoyed this blogpost, and if you like what you see,
the GUESS Spring collection is now available at all GUESS and GUESS Accessories store along with a coordinating assortment of accessories including footwear, watches, belts and small leather goods! :)
GUESS is extending a 10% discount on the Spring 13 Collection handbags to my blog readers, yay!
All you have to do is to quote #GUESStote upon checking out :)
Promotion period is from 8th - 24th March!

Thank you for reading, love you all!