Friday, April 26, 2013

Mid-season sale at Jipaban

Hello loves, it's Friday again! :D

Every Friday, I will look forward to see what JIPABAN has planned for their curated sale section!
This week, JIPABAN’s In-house stylist picked out her personal favorites! 
Visit their site to check out her hot picks now :)

As usual, I've picked out some of my favourites from the sales this week!! :D

I'm quite drawn to all shades of blue recently (just like how I decorated my cupcakes) so this dress definitely caught my eye! :D

The cutting of it is also conservative, simple and yet elegant and flattering!
I love fuss-free dresses like these!

There's just this mermaid-ish and magical vibe to this necklace that makes it so enchanting! :D
 It's definitely one of those necklaces that will add that special touch to your outfits!
This necklace screams Tumblr more than anything else, major love!
And I can't believe it's only going at $4.14!!!
Must buy!!! :D

Apart from the Sales items, I've also selected a few other novelty items from Jipaban that caught my attention!

You'll be surprised how much a simple bread stamp like this can make you look forward to waking up every morning!! :D
It'll be super fun and sweet if you're making breakfast for your loved ones too!
Plus you don't even have to bake anything special or decorate anything, just stamp and toast!
Hen's night, all girls' party, sleepovers... this pair of glamorous speakers is everything you'll need to complete a girly get together!
Most of us girls are probably not fans of boring techy looking speakers,
so this chic and fashionably hot red stilettos speakers are just perfect for the occasion!
Speaking of get togethers, here's a necessity that will help capture all our sweet memories, 4 frames at a time!
There's this charm about film cameras that no amount of professional cameras can replace.
It's probably the excitement of developing the films and seeing how the pictures turned out,
or maybe it's the fact that it's difficult to achieve the same vintage effects even with photoshop,
or maybe it's just how these little simple toy cameras can bring so much joy to the ones who use them :) 
Apart from the Lomo Fisheye, the Action Sampler is probably my favourite toy camera because it can capture 4 frames at a time.
Pictures taken by film cameras look AWESOME under natural light.
So pick a bright sunny day to bring your toy cameras out, bear with the heat and you'll definitely be rewarded with some amazing photos!

Do visit now for more irresistible deals!
Do remember to check their sale tab every Friday!
It’s so exciting, I can’t wait for every Friday to enjoy awesome deals! :D


Happy shopping, love you all!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2013

Good news!

After its inaugural success last year, Cathay Motion Picture Awards (CMPA) is back for its second installment in 2013!
Moving forward, it is set to stay as Cathay Organisation’s annual signature event.

CMPA is a short film competition created to fulfill Cathay Organisation’s conviction towards the development of Singapore’s film industry.
Expending its assets in cinema exhibition as the platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talent,
Cathay Organisation pioneers the path as the first and only movie exhibitor in Singapore to orgnanise its own short film competition.

(Click to download registration form)

This year, participants will make a 78 seconds motion picture in 78 hours with a given theme which will be revealed on the Briefing Day (18 May).
The competition will start at 12pm on 18 May and end at 6pm on 21 May.

Registration closes on 12 May 2013. For more information, log on to!

Best Motion Picture:
- $15,000 in cash (the largest cash prize for a short film competition in Singapore)
- Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team
- Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 4 weeks

1st Runner up:
- $8,000 in cash
- Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team
- Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 4 weeks

2nd Runner up:
- $5,000 in cash
- Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team
- Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 4 weeks

Viewers’ Choice:
- Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team
- Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 4 weeks

The top 15 finalists’ motion pictures will then be presented for evaluation by a panel of esteemed judges, namely –
1. Founder/CEO/Director of J Team Productions, Jack Neo
2. Film critic, Philip Cheah
3. Writer-Director, Lee Thean-jeen
4. Executive Producer for the division of ILM, Lucasfilm Singapore, Stuart McAra
5. The Straits Times Life! Media Correspondent, Boon Chan
6. Managing Director, Singapore & Malaysia, United International Pictures, Nicholas Yong

The top three winners will be determined solely by the judges on three criteria – originality, production quality and entertainment value.
There will also be a Viewer’s Choice award which is based on the motion picture with the highest number of public votes garnered via the official website between 3 and 23 June.

Awards Ceremony
The Awards Ceremony will be held on 18th July 2013 at The Cathay Cineplex.
Participants and guests will receive an exclusive invite to the event where they will view the Top 15 finalists on the big screen and winners will be announced.

Some Highlights of CMPA 2012
The Awards Ceremony

Last year's finalists!
I'll really encourage watching at least a few of them for reference if you're interested in joining this year's competition! :)

If you're interested to join, do visit the following sites for more details!
CMPA Website:
Cathay Lifestyle on Facebook:

The prizes are really super attractive!!
So good luck to everyone who's joining!! :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DRx #4

Hi loves, here're some updates on my visits to DRx! :)

I went for their Essential Facial (Plus) because I haven't had a facial (with extractions) done in a really long time,
and facials always make me feel like it's "spring cleaning" for my face hahah!
You don't have to do it everyday, but at least once in awhile, just to get rid of the super stubborn clogged pores or other major problems! :)

Just as the name suggests, Essential Facial is indeed really essential!
It is DRx's fundamental treatment for the maintenance of a good complexion.
It consists of Ultrasonic Cleansing, Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery and a therapeutic facial mask.
The "Plus" adds Microdermabrasion to the facial, which helps with making your skin feeling more refreshed and radiant! :D
Essential Facial is $115, and Essential Facial (Plus) with the addition of Microdermabrasion (highly recommend this!!) is $215.

The price is worth it cause the results of it lasted for WEEKS together with the consistent use of Derma-Rx products! :)

Comfy bed!!

This is my skin before the facial.
It's already very clear compared to my face waaaaay back, thanks to the Derma-Rx products I've been using religiously,
but it still lacks radiance (cause my skin colour's really dull), so I'm always interested in facials that can help me with this!

Dull-looking skin, but at least it's still clear!
I was so happy when the therapist told me "Your skin is good eh"!!! :'D
LOL first time in my life I ever heard this phrase from a therapist!
Touched until want to cry please lol!
I love you lah my Derma-Rx products!!!

First off, ultrasonic cleansing :)
It uses an ultrasonic device to eliminate dead cells from the skin surface and loosen impurities, oil and comedones that are embedded in pores.
This allows the blackheads to be easily extracted later on without damaging the surrounding skin!

Next, microdermabrasion!
The microdermabrasion involves removing the superficial layers of the skin with a special machine using fine crystals or a diamond-tipped handpiece, or both.
This procedure results in clearer looking skin and, if repeated over a period of time, gives skin a smoother texture with reduction in fine lines, pore size and superficial scars.
The therapist did it on half of my face and did a comparison, it did look more radiant because all the dead skin came off! :D :D

Then for the part people usually fear facials because of - extraction!
To be VERY honest, DRx's facial extraction was almost painless lol!
I've been to facials that very harshly tried to squeeze the life out of my face and left me a lot of red bumps and I would usually hide at home for a day or two.
But this time round was the most painless facial I've ever been to, probably because of the ultrasonic cleansing they did at the start so the blackheads and whiteheads came out at the slightest touch.
For once, I totally felt pampered throughout the whole facial, shiok ah!!

My favourite part is actually the ultrasonic nutrient delivery because it was super cooling and soothing!
It uses an ultrasound device to deliver vitamins and essential compounds into the skin for various benefits, according to the needs of the customer.
For example, vitamin A is used for removing wrinkles, vitamin C is for stimulation of collagen and vitamin E is used for a glowing complexion :)

The facial treatment then ends off with a mask or a peel.
Mine was the Alginate mask but yours will depend on your skin's needs as well.
I fell asleep during masking time hahaha, not surprising though!

This is my face after facial!

Please pardon the dark eye circles,
but my face totally don't look like I just had extractions done right? :P
No downtime, so I can just apply make up and go out with nice skin immediately after, hehe! :D

Overall, I'll rate the effectiveness of the Essential Facial (Plus) 9.5/10
just because I believe you'll always need room for improvement to have something to look forward to hahah!

By the way, if you're a NEW customer at DRx,
do let them know that you are a reader of Rachell's blog or you know Rachell
when you arrange your appointments because you'll get 3 sessions waiver of consultation fees! :D
That's a total of $120 savings!!

The DRx Clinic (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

Will keep you guys updated!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

KFC Zinger Double Down Max

Feeling hungry? :P
Be very glad if you are!
Because KFC Singapore has just launched the all new Zinger Double Down Max on 10 April 2013! This hero-sized burger is truly fit for the hero-sized appetites!!
 The Zinger Double Down launched in 2012 was legendary, but the new Zinger Double Down Max kicks it up a notch!

Along with several other bloggers, I was invited to KFC at Kallang Stadium for a food tasting session for KFC's new Zinger Double Down Max burger the other day, thanks to NuffnangSG! :D

With the cute pair of brothers - Randy and Ben!

With Randy!

Wahhh, totally salivating just at the sight of the poster of the Zinger Double Down Max burger! :D
Can't wait to eat the real thing!!


And here's the burger we've all been waiting for - the Zinger Double Down MAX!!!! :D

I think the best part about the Zinger Double Down Max burger is that it has NO BUN!!! :D
Personally, whenever I order a regular Zinger burger, I always have the habit of finishing the bun first before eating the Zinger fillet because that's the best part hehe!

The Zinger Double Down Max is a burger like no other, and it's perfect for me!!
And did I mention that it has absolutely no veggies at all? Woohoo!!
Meat-lovers reading this, I know your tastebuds are tingling already~

I'm usually quite a picky eater, but this burger is made up of all my favourites - TWO crispy, juicy and spicy Zinger fillets
sandwiching a yummy cheese slice, warm chewy golden hash brown and savory turkey bacon strips!
Such a sinful indulgence, and I can't get enough of it :D

Not to mention, the burger is HUUUUUGE! :D
The Zinger Double Down Max burger simply screams of epic-ness!
Have a hero-sized appetite that needs to be satisfied?
Fear not, for the Zinger Double Down Max is here!

Hahaha it's kinda cheesy I know (pun unintended)~

If you're a fan of the previous Zinger Double Down like many others,
You'll love the Zinger Double Down MAX even more!
I actually prefer the overall concept, taste and texture of the Zinger Double Down Max more than the Zinger Double Down.

This new addition of the hash brown allows the two Zinger fillets to in a way act like "buns",
creating a more complete burger than ever! :D
It's definitely super filling and immensely gratifying, and it's only at $5.90!

And if all that awesomeness in a burger isn't enough for you,
these are the current promotions for the Zinger Double Down Max burger! :D

You can get a full Zinger Double Down Max Meal at $7.50
and the Zinger Double Down Buddy Meal is at $14.20!

And here's my favorite promotion - the Trade-up Special for 1 regular side and 1 regular Pepsi to Cheese Fries and a medium Pepsi, for just $1.50!!!

Yay cheese fries!!! :D
Words simply cannot express how much I LOVE cheese fries!
For me, a meal at KFC is never complete without cheese fries, and I'll always trade-up my sides for cheese fries hehe!
And it was my ultimate guilty pleasure to have this as a side to the epic Zinger Double Down Max the other day!!

Look at this gorgeous golden yellow colour~
Ahhh, I can totally imagine the yummy fragrance of the piping hot cheese fries under my nose now!

We also ate another one of my KFC favourites - their Whipped Potato!
By the way, have you ever tried dipping the skin of KFC chicken into the gravy of the whipped potato?
It's soooo good!

Here are some of the others at the food tasting event enjoying the Zinger Double Down Max burger and all the other delicious KFC dishes! :D
A few of them even had double helpings!
Definitely goes to show how irresistible it is!

On a side note, check out the array of hair colours in this picture!
Ash coloured, bright pink, blond and purple, so pretty please!! :D

KFC has also partnered with the upcoming movie Iron Man 3 for the launch of the Zinger Double Down Max burger,
and guess which hero decided to pop by to try out KFC's awesome new burger too? :D

The atmosphere at the event was at an all time high because everyone couldn't wait to take a picture with Iron Man!

I was so excited I probably took like 3 or 4 pictures with him hahah!

And this is my favourite posey shot!
Quite cool right hahah!

All the bloggers with Iron Man and the Zinger Double Down Max!
Delicious food and fun company, I couldn't be happier!!! ^~^

Here are a few more shots of us!

Huixian, Iron Man and Jayne!
Heroes get all the girls eh ;)

And I tried to take as many pictures before I started eating.....
people with braces/ had braces before will understand my pain of having food stuck between the brackets hahah :X

Me with Jayne and Huixian!

Plus Noel!

Another one with Jayne...
Actually this was suppose to be a shot of her only but I photobombed lol!

And we each got to take an instant photo with Iron Man, courtesy of KFC! :D

Some cute little stickers to decorate our instant photos with....
Too cute!!!!
Look at the tiny chicken drumsticks omg hahah, love it to bits!!

And then back at our seats, one final (long) wave of camwhoring continues~

Adorable picture of Randy taking a picture of Ben!

And at this moment, we were all handed a Match N' Win card each
and we got really hyped up again!!

1 Match N’ Win card will be issued with every Zinger Double Meal or Buddy Meal purchased
and you can stand a chance to win attractive SONY products and movie passes worth up to $30,000!!!!

Buy a burger that fulfils my hero appetite and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to $30,000?


Sealed within the perforated sides lies your fate.....
And I have won HALF a Sony camera and HALF a Sony laptop!

In order to win the full thing, you need both halves to complete the picture.

Tell you guys something very silly~
We all SCREAMED WITH JOY when we first saw that two of us at the same table had half a camera each,
only to realize later that they were the same side of the halves, so we didn't win...
HAHAH super embarrassing! xD

Here are some of the other kickass prizes you may win!
The Ultra Slim Laptop looks so ideal, just nice please I need a new laptop hahah!
*tolong tolong let me win*

In the end, we didn't win the Match N' Win at first try, but it's totally okay!
We'll cheer ourselves up with more self-portraits and YUMMY FOOD!!!

Tadah, here's a solo picture of Randy for all of you girls reading this haha!
Randy says he doesn't usually camwhore a lot so this is bonus lol!

Hehehe look at us super enjoy ah! :p
If only everyday was like this, it'll be awesome!!!

Taking my first bite into the Zinger Double Down Max burger :D
I love the overwhelmingly enjoyable experience of finishing the entire burger!
A perfect crunch of the zinger fillets in every bite,
accompanied by the complementing textures of its counterparts - crispy golden hash brown, delicious turkey bacon, the sliced cheese that oozes with flavour and a subtle sweetness from the mayonnaise!

And when we finally finished devouring our extremely gratifying meal, I thought to myself, "I can't wait to eat this again!" :D

On my way home, I went to look for my mum to buy dinner.
Casually, I told her about the food tasting event, showed her the pictures.......
And no prize for guessing what we had for dinner that day! :p

If you're the adventurous type and love to try out a new and unconventional taste experience,
the Zinger Double Down Max is waiting for you! :P

Here's one of my favourite phone numbers to call - KFC Delivery! HEHEHE :D

Let's embrace our inner heroes today and have an epic meal, everyone!
Thank you for reading, love you all!