Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lazy pretty girls!

Hello to all my vain girls who're trying to look for the most effortless ways to look pretty!
today I'll be sharing a secret to looking pretty without spending hours on your face everyday!


You've heard of eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes.. but they're all quite uncomfortable to a certain extent, aren't they?
Instead of going through all that discomfort everyday, why not make your natural lashes prettier?

Eyelash perming isn't permanent, but it'll last about say 2 months, and also depending on how quick your lashes fall out and new ones grow out.
But for that entire month, you won't have to take your time to curl your lashes and get annoyed when the lashes don't curl up smooth as desired, but bad those weird squarish angles (if you know what I mean)...
Also, applying macara becomes so much easier!!!

And a lot of us don't have naturally curled up eyelashes I think?
But if you do, good for you lor good genes *feeling sore* lol!!
These are my natural lashes.
They're not very short, but they droop down like Snuffy's (the elephant) from Sesame Street :S
And droopy eyelashes makes your eyes a lot more tired and sad looking!!! :(
And it covers up some of my eye white too!
As if my eyes aren't already small enough... T~T

So I went to perm my lashes at some random neighbourhood beauty shop near my place.
Those that will help pluck eyebrows, do hair extensions etc one :D
It cost about $40 if I didn't remember wrongly!
And this is how my lashes look like after eyelash perming!
SO much more awake!! Plus the help of circle lens of course hehehe :D
If you're lazy to apply make up, this is definitely good enough to make a difference from your previous droopy lashes!
But if you're feeling hardworking, coat on layers of mascara and it'll definitely bring out the effect of opening up your eyes a lot more!!

If you have very dense and thick lashes that'll be a lot better!
But I don't, so I'll be happy with mine since I don't have to tahan the itchiness from eyelash extensions and false lashes and it still looks quite nice, yay! :)

Watch how it's done and it's really PAINLESS!
If will take about 20 minutes to half an hour maximum!
If done well it shouldn't feel uncomfortable and you can just close your eyes and rest throughout the entire process.
Doesn't matter if you put on contact lens or not while getting your lashes permed.

Hope you girls will find this post helpful!
Sorry for the lack of nice pictures, I'm rushing to go out now hahaha!

Love you all, thank you for reading! :D

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello Kitty Plushies

Went to McDonald's Hello Kitty event with Huixian and Jayne last night and it was so fun!!! :D
It was mainly a preview of their upcoming Hello Kitty plushies but we got to eat lots of yummy food too!

The entire place was filled with pretty pink & white balloons, all the utensils were in gorgeous shades of hot pink or sweet pastel pink, SO DREAMY PLEASE!!
Like a princess room heheh!

Strawberry tupperware which was filled with NUGGETS! b;

And their upcoming curry friesssss :D

Even the straw was pink and white striped!!!
I love the organizers for being so meticulous about all the details!
It was really the ultimate pink room no girl can resist hahah!
Love it!

The organizers had trivias for all of us (there were many other girls there too) and the winners will get limited edition Hello Kitty x McDonald's stuff and Hello Kitty plushies!!!
And guess what!!!!
I don't know the answer to any of those questions hahahah :X
Also partly because I was late and didn't hear any of the front part okay :P

Girls thinking hard about the questions because we all really wanted the plushies!!!

One of the winners! :D

I didn't manage to answer any questions but I still got some Hello Kitty plushies in the end heheh! :D
Huixian and Jayne said everyone got a door gift, but they passed me 2 plushies idk why,
and then there was an extra Hello Kitty plushie on the big table we were sitting on and the girls at the table said "got extra leh, you take lor" hahah so I got 3.
And then the organizers said if we took pictures and hashtag #mcdhellokitty on our twitter, we'll get another Hello Kitty plushie.

Like happy only!!!

Check out the super cute boxes the plushies came in!!

They also gave us a pair of Hello Kitty specs each, SO SWEET PLEASE!!! ^~^

Wanted to camwhore chio-ly with the specs initially,
but this kind of specs always reminds me of me acting as Laobu Yap/ Soh,
like old people glasses......


My nuggets are shy, they're peeking at you hahah!
I heard that the strawberry tupperware was from DAISO, so if you girls really like it,
you can find it at DAISO! :D
It's damn adorable!!!

Also got to try their new sauces - Honey Mustard and Wasabi flavoured.
Spicy, sweet and shiok!

Camwhoring with our Hello Kitty plushies!!

Little quackquacks!
Cute backdrop for us to take pictures with! :D

See this pic hahah!
I told them, "okay we wink cause it's a Hello Kitty event so must look cute"!
Then when I was about to take the picture, Jayne was like "omg I cannot wink!!!" and she struggled for a bit
and Huixian and I couldn't stop laughing that's why we all look like this hahaha XD
Wink shot failed lah, but we look super happy right lol!

More normal looking photos of us :D

And because they had a lot of props for us to play with,
we each chose a prop...

They told me it's meant to be a sad droopy ear-ed bunny,
but I tried my best to force the ears upwards to become a happy bunny but to no avail...


Group photo of everyone at the event!! :)
Thank you McDonald's for inviting us!!!

By the way, I also found pictures of the Hello Kitty plushies from the following website,
and there are more pictures of the different designs there too! :D

And although I got 4 Hello Kitty plushies, I only opened ONE because....
Watch the video below to find out how to win it!

Giveaway opens internationally!
Giveaway closes on 30th May 2013, 11:59 PM!

Thank you for reading, love you all and good luck!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Aerosmith Concert.... not

If you're here expecting to see pictures or videos of the Aerosmith concert,
I'm going to have to apologise to you first haha!
Because here's what happened...

Martin and I made our way down to Garden By The Bay @ The Meadow for Aerosmith concert that day
We took a cab so as not to be late, and the fare was expensive and all :(
p.s. check out my shitty waterfall braid ahahah I can't do it well but I insist on doing it.

Deng deng deng!
Took a super long walk from the drop off point towards The Meadow where the concert was going to be held..

Saw these pretty trees all lighted up along the way

And then we were finally there!
At the concert, at 8PM sharp!!!
This was one of the rare times I'm actually NOT LATE for something!
There were already a crazy amount of people there.
If everyone there were to give me 10cents, I'd probably be able to buy a car already!
Aerosmith zai!

And then the concert started!
We were told to expect a full Aerosmith concert so I thought we'd get to see them from 8pm till the end..
But this band called Euphoria or something from the UK played for an hour.
Well that's fine, they don't suck or anything.
And if they can open the show for Aerosmith they should be pretty good.
It's just that everyone was there for Aerosmith so we were all pretty bummed that we didn't get to see them for an hour..

Packed as hell, super stuffy and warm, no sign of Aerosmith yet :(
To be very honest, this is the first concert (as far as I remember lah) I've ever been to.
I've never liked going to concerts cause I hate crowds hahaha
so this time was an exception cause Aerosmith is awesome!

People in the audience using handphone as lightsticks haha!
Martin says it looked like National Day xD

I don't know how these people can remain excited and keep their moods up while waiting 1.5 hours for Aerosmith when it's so humid and packed...
LOL sorry I whine a lot and cannot tahan waiting T~T
My face was like 一臉的不爽 (direct translation: one face full of unhappiness hahah) by this time already lol!

And then something big, fat and juicy caught my attention!
The kebab stand at the concert just refilled the meat.
But eating while standing up and holding my bag and camera like not enjoy enough eh.... :(
So with an empty stomach which was craving so badly for meat, I went back to where Martin was standing and I told him I wanted to eat meat hahah!
We decided that we'd eat at Carnivore at MBS after the concert, but we'll leave at 9:30pm if Aerosmith doesn't show up by then.
The Euphoria band stopped at 9pm, and there was half an hour of preparing of the stage by the staff, adjusting the sound systems etc..

TRUE ENOUGH, they didn't appear by 9:30 and we really cannot tahan already lol!
Starving, sweaty, legs damn tired from standing up, annoyed by people squeezing and pushing around..

We left the concert without seeing Aerosmith O.O
So I'm super sorry to everyone who expected me to post updates about the concert ah~
I'm really not a concert kind of person hahah!

BUT I have an awesome restaurant to share!!

Carnivore MBS
2 Bayfront Avenue, #01-80 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972
Tel: 6688 7429
DAILY LUNCH: 11:30AM  -  3:00PM
DAILY DINNER: 6:00PM  -  11:00P

Carnivore is the ultimate place for you to pig out.
No greens, full meat, and it's all you can eat!
The quality of the food is awesome too!!!

Price is about $50 per person,
but it's a buffet with high standards of chicken thighs, ham, bacon and BEEF STEAKS!!!
If you love meat and hate vegetables as much as I do, here is your heaven!!

Some camwhore shots before we get all the meat bits stuck between our teeth hahaha!


Then let the pigging out begin!

Didn't even bother to swallow the meat in my mouth for a picture.
I wish I could have meat buffets with steaks everyday!
My tummy no limit but my wallet got limit lah hahaha no choice~

This is how the meat is servied.
The chefs will bring out a different type of meat eat time, ask if you'd like to have it,
and if you do, he'll slice it in front of you with that hardcorely huge knife!!
You can always ask for more of your favourite meat since it's a buffet :D
And you don't even have to walk to get your food, LOL!
And they will keep serving you in cycles until you get too stuffed and can't eat anymore!

I love how all their meats are juicy and tender, and cooked to perfection!
Their steaks are like medium rare I think.
Definitely an awesome place to indulge yourselves at once in awhile!

Apart from MBS, they have other branches listed on this page too:

The meh-looking sausage was surprisingly damn good lol!
Damn shiok to have all these different types of meat (pork, chicken, beef, lamb) on one single plate!
I also asked for a lot of pineapple slices cause it really whets your appetite.
Like 开胃 you know?
After eating the pineapple, I don't feel full and can eat more meat again lol!
I ate more than Martin in the end hahaha

p.s. This is not a place you should go to if you need to look extremely refined or classy
cause you won't be able to enjoy yourself.

I chomp on meat like a starved dinosaur but my boyfriend claims he doesn't mind,
so I'm safe for now hahah!

Only thing is that you might want to drink less water if you're dining there because this atas looking bottle of water is going to cost you $10 each.
Martin and I drank 2 bottles... ouch!

And here's my #ootd!
I posted this outfit on instagram that day!
I left a caption saying that on the day of Aerosmith concert when I'm surrounded by the most bad ass rocker chicks clad in black top to toe, studs, spikes, boots and all....
I dressed up like a good girl hahah

Totally out of place, no wonder we didn't get to watch them perform...
lol jk we were just being spoilt and greedy.

Anyway I heard from a lot of people that the Aerosmith concert was amazing,
but I feel no regret because my tummy's happiness is my priority xD

Martin took this picture of me and it reminded me of that quote about how
other girls look totally cute in an oversized pullover while I look like a beanbag

Okay then!

Beanbag Rachell signing off,
love you all and thank you for reading!