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Buyandship Singapore

We always want what we can't have.

More often than not, the harder it is to buy something, the more we find ourselves thinking about it, craving for it, and wishing we could get our hands on it.

The saddest feeling is when you can afford the product, and don't mind the shipping fees.. except that the brand simply doesn't ship to Singapore.

I've encountered this issue countless of times, especially when I'm searching for customized baking equipment, special gifts for loved ones, or just really gorgeous handmade apparels and accessories from smaller brands who usually do not ship globally.

That's until I found a trustworthy international online shopping transfer service -

What does is to provide you with a foreign warehouse address (i.e. a US address) which you can purchase anything from the US (or any other countries listed on their website) and have the items sent to the address provided.

Once the items have arrived in their US warehouse address, you will be notified, and the parcels will be sent to a MAIN Warehouse in Hong Kong.

When everything you'd like to buy across the world has been consolidated (for FREE) in the Hong Kong warehouse, (yup, you can buy items in the US, Japan & Korea etc at the same time!) the parcels can all be collectively shipped to your home in Singapore.

Super convenient, isn't it!

If you require an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to use Buyandship, read till the end of this post!

This time, we bought some snacks from Walmart in the US because we found some cool snacks on their website that we really wanted to try!

Our huge parcel arrived swiftly and safely, and we couldn't be more impressed with Buyandship's efficiency and transparency in updating us our parcel's location at every step of the way.

We were also provided with a tracking number for our reference.


1. Head over to

2. Sign up an account (it's FREE)

3. Log in, you will be directed to the Member Center page

4. Head over to My Addresses

Key in your home address (This will be the address where all the items you bought will be sent to!)

5. Head over to 'Overseas Warehouse Addresses'

Be sure to read the parcel restrictions (eg. meat, flammable, compressed gases are prohibited!)

These warehouse addresses are meant to receive your purchases from the respective countries.

6. Foreign Address

Upon clicking on the country, you will notice a foreign address below your name.

Don't worry! It's the local shipping address you should key in for the delivery of your purchase.

Since I purchased from Walmart, I used the US warehouse address!

7. Shopping time!

There are also numerous recommended websites you could shop from via Buyandship.

8. Add your items to cart & prepare for checkout

9. Enter the Shipping Address

which is provided by BuyandShip, and make payment for your items!

10. Once order has been made

you should receive an Order Confirmation email, example below!

Take note of the Order #/Shipping #.

11. Parcel Management

Head over to, go to the Parcel Management tab, and Add a New Shipment

12. Enter details required

Order#, product details, etc and hit Submit!

(For Warehouse, do choose the warehouse that you entered in the shipping address during check out)

13. Await Shipment to Respective Country's Warehouse

Once it arrives at the respective warehouse, you will be notified via email!

14. Consolidated Parcels

You will also be notified once all your shipment reaches Hong Kong warehouse for consolidation.

Head over to Perform Shipment Consolidation and make payment (fees are charged based on weight, not by volumetric weight).

15. You receive the parcel

And that's pretty much it!

The world is your oyster!

Go forth, and shop till you drop!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

See you in my next post!

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