a• Flowchart of How the System Works


b• How to Register for 3Q account


c• How to Order Digital stocks


d• How to Claim Physical Stocks

(self-use/ ownself ship out)


e• How to Approve Downline’s Order


f• How to Create Customer & Retail Order

(For Company warehouse to Dropship)


g• How to Create Customer & record sale of Agent Stock

(Agent claimed out stock, ownself ship/ meet up customer)


h• How to Record Self-Consumed Agent Stock

(only if you previously selected “selling purpose” & have stocks on hand)


i• How to create Shopee listing + SG Warehouse Dropship Shopee Orders


j• How do Platform Sellers let SG Warehouse Dropship


k• How to Top Up Courier Credit

(Courier fee is for warehouse to Dropship for us)


m• How to pay Resell Model Fee

⚠️ All Reactive Resell Fee & Credit will have to be transferred directly to 3Q’s Singapore Company account