Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Post Laser Treatment

If you've been following my twitter account, I went to IDS Clinic to get laser treatment done on my face some time ago.
It's probably quite an intense treatment such that the therapist needed to apply numbing cream for me before Dr Heng proceeded with it!
Dr Heng is really skilled with laser treatments so if you're doing treatments like these at IDS, you're likely to meet him ^~^

This treatment was suppose to make all my pores smaller (my t-zone has some larger pores I want to get rid of) and also make my complexion more radiant in general because the outer surface of my skin will peel off, plus the treatment stimulates collagen production and such.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with my left eye although it looks funky in the photo lol!
It's the cling wrap (for the numbing cream) pressing onto my eyelid and as a result my eyes looked weird hahah

Taking selfies at the waiting area because I needed about 15 minutes for the numbing cream to fully take effect.
Does this totally look like I'm going for a major surgery or what? Hahah!

You can see the laser treatment process in this vlog, but be warned, my face looks really scary from all the burns :S
Now that I'm looking at it again I feel ouch and a bit cringe as well hahah :X

Still in a good mood to take photos right after the treatment because the numbing cream hasn't worn off, YET....

Went out with a thick slab of sunscreen applied by the therapist because my skin was really sensitive after the treatment and needed to avoid the sun as much as possible.

And once the numbing cream's effect wore off... OMFG.
I don't want to sugar coat to make the pain sound less bad, and I do believe my pain tolerance is quite alright.
But the stinging sensation as I removed my remaining make up & tried to remove the sunblock..... ugfjskdfjkdzjksd
Plus trying to VERY GENTLY wash my face clean took me about half an hour.
Cause every time a tiny bit of water touched my face ahhhhh, it's like electric shocks y'know? :/

Look at my sian 1/2 face LOL!
My eyes were super red from the pain... T~T

So for the next few days I kept applying IDS Clinic's moisturizer and C+ on my skin, hoping that the burns will dry up and peel off asap
and unveil super chio skin.
I was also advised not to use the IDS Clinic's PORE (which works like a charm in reducing comedones for me) and also A+ (which I'm heavily reliant on) to prevent agitating my skin.

And after a few days, the skin around my T-zone area (which is my main problem area) peeled off first.
I'm not sure if it's because I didn't get to use PORE & A+ during that few days,
or because the skin underneath couldn't breathe cause it was suffocated by my dead skin,
but the skin underneath had super a lot of disgusting clogged pores :S
The most I've gotten in a loooong time T~T

I was really sad lah obviously, cause the pain was so bad I kept tearing up the first night,
and I had to skip a few events and get reprimanded by S*,
and I couldn't get out of the house for a week.
Quite a bit of sacrifices if I do say so myself, and I really was looking forward to tiny pores and flawless skin, but it wasn't the case at my t-zone area :(
Just my luck that the first area that revealed itself first was my awful t-zone area which I hated hahah
spoil mood max!!! :@

Anyway, all is not lost!
After all the dry skin flaked off and my skin is new again I noticed that the treatment did especially well to my cheek area!
Plus it's been more than 2 months and my cheek area had hardly ever gotten a pimple, like seriously!
Not gonna lie, I do feel more confident when I see myself without make up now that's for sure haha!

So for those who were asking if the laser treatment worked or was it worth it...
I think it's a 50-50 for me, but I won't recommend this laser treatment to everyone.
On one hand, if I weighed out all the sacrifices I had to make and compared it to the rosy cheeks...
I would choose rosy cheeks cause that's really not easy to attain LOL!
And I think I look healthier now and not so sickly xD

But then again, the pain is really....quite hard to bear on the first night :S
So I won't recommend this treatment unless your pain tolerance is slightly above average.

Anyway, IDS Clinic also offers a less harsh laser treatment with very little/ no downtime (unlike mine), so if you're thinking of minimizing your pores or want to refresh your skin a bit, maybe you could consider that option too! :)
I went for the strong one cause I'm the kiasu and impatient sort, so there's a price to everything hahah

As for the super bad congested pores at my t-zone area that I mentioned earlier,
I quickly made an appointment for IDS's Hydro Therapeutics Facial (HTF) treatment to save my skin because my birthday was nearing at that time and I was getting panicky :X

There's a reason why the HTF is my favourite treatment ever at IDS Clinic -
From crappy congested t-zone skin to ready for close-ups in just one treatment, it's really like magic ba!
Super thankful for HTF because it allowed me to have the best of both worlds on my birthday!
Radiant skin from the laser + clear skin without congestion from the HTF, yay!! ^~^

If you want to know more about HTF & watch my vlog which shows the procedures in HTF,
you can read my blogpost here: http://www.rachelltan.com/2014/07/ids-clinic-2.html

I won't deny that I felt a little bit of scares here and there,
but I'm really glad everything worked out well in the end! ^~^

Just wanted to do this post specially for those we were asking about the laser treatment previously! :)
Sorry I took so long to post this up and thank you for your patience!~~

Love you all, thank you for reading!

8 Sinaran Drive, #05-07 to #05-10, Novena Specialist Center, Singapore 307470
Tel: +65 6568 3555

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Magnolia Fresh Milk

We all can dream of Wealth, Power and Fame, blablabla...
But there's really nothing more important in our lives than Health.
Without health, we won't be able to live long enough to enjoy all the other good things in life, true? :)

And eating well is one of the best ways to be healthy!
As I grew older, I began to realise the importance of consuming not only nutritional food, but also food that is fresh, safe and clean.
When food is fresh, that's when its nutritional value is at its highest.
Consuming fresh food is the key to optimizing its benefits!

And today, I have some major news to share with all of you, which will change our grocery shopping game forever! :O

Everyone knows that Milk is a healthy beverage widely known for its wealth of benefits,
and often dubbed as one of nature's most wholesome food.
It's also one of the most obvious and popular choice for a nutritious breakfast, be it for kids and adults at any time of the day.

But did you also know that the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) recommends that milk (when opened) be consumed within two to three days?

And this news came as such a shock to me I actually ran to tell my mum who was watching her Korean drama in the living room hahah! True story!!

In Singapore, fresh milk is pasteurized to make it safe for consumption.
Pasteurisation is a process where milk is heated to kill harmful pathogenic bacteria.
While pasteurisation makes milk safe to drink, this nutrition-laden creamy beverage still remains a delicate fresh produce.

Milk has a short shelf life and loses quality rapidly if exposed to warm temperatures.
Once milk has been opened, it begins to lose its freshness.

So here are some tips and tricks to keep our milk super fresh for our consumption!
Do share them with everyone you know and care about! :D

When shopping at the supermarket, pick up milk or other dairy products last so that they do not warm up as you are buying other products!
I just realised that I'm always adding milk into my shopping basket at the start because I'm afraid I'll forget to pick it up later, and sometimes I take about an hour to slowly pick out the other products.. ohno :/
I guess a good solution would be to be a little more hardworking and prepare a shopping list and write 'Milk' last!

Upon reaching home, the milk should be refrigerated right away and stored at temperatures between 2°C and 4°C.
No more dilly-dallying, chit-chatting, fiddling our phones checking Instagram/ Twitter for new posts.
Keep that milk away from Singapore's merciless heat ASAP else the cold chain will risk being broken and the milk won't be as fresh~

While the expiration dates printed on milk cartons are important to take note of, it's only valid for UNOPENED cartons of milk!!!
The expiration date on the milk pack only indicates how long an unopened carton of milk will retain its freshness and quality, and once the milk carton is open, the expiration date is no longer valid.

As mentioned above, the expiration date of milk is only valid if the milk carton remains unopened.
So while 2L bottles of milk may be seen as more economically priced, it doesn't make sense to compromise the freshness of the milk if our small family is unable to finish drinking 2L in two to three days, just to save that few cents.
It's definitely smarter to buy 2 packs of 1L milk, so that we can open one pack first, consume it within 3 days, and then open the next pack only when we're all ready to go on a healthy milk-drinking spree again hahah!

Learned so much new stuff I actually feel like my life is about to change,
because milk is a huuuge part of my family's diet!
Milk to complete our breakfast, milk for a healthy mid-day drink to cool us down, milk in all sorts of cooking recipes, milk in baking (love it!!), warm milk to help us sleep better etc!

But no matter how quickly we consume the milk, there's no way my family of 5 can finish a bottle of 2L in 2 to 3 days haha! :X
We always bought 2L bottles of milk thinking that the expiry shows the freshness of an opened carton of milk...
I guess we learn something new everyday! :D
Going to start changing our milk-purchasing habits from now on!

Many Singaporean families are getting smaller
due to higher costs of living and increasing pressures and demands from our fast-paced society.
So while bulk purchases might be more value-for-money, they should only be applied to non-perishables like toilet paper, washing detergent, tooth brushes etc.
Fresh produces like milk which should be consumed at its freshest should be bought in quantities that mirror your family's consumption levels :)
In my family case, 2 x 1L packs of milk will be the perfect amount to allow us to consume milk at its freshest!

Anyway, I'm not claiming to be a food expert :P
But if you're wondering why I'm suddenly extremely knowledgable about the freshness of milk and all....
I got to learn all these cool information thanks to F&N MAGNOLIA (a leading player in the F&B industry in Singapore) and NuffnangSG! ^~^

And as part of F&N MAGNOLIA's continued efforts to bring fresh milk to consumers like you and I,
F&N MAGNOLIA will be giving out one 1-litre F&N MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk for FREE!!!
All we have to do is to bring ANY empty 2-litre milk bottle to the F&N MAGNOLIA roadshows in exchange for a free F&N MAGNOLIA 1-litre milk pack! :D
Yes, any brand or variant of 2-L milk bottles~~~! Woohoo!!

I went for one of the F&N MAGNOLIA roadshows on the 6th of September 2014 at Hougang Mall and it was super fun!! xD
More pictures below!!

There will be 2 more upcoming F&N MAGNOLIA roadshows, so do prepare your empty 2-litre milk bottles (with the label still intact) and note down the following dates & locations! ^~^

13 September 2014
Bukit Panjang Plaza
10.30am - 2.30pm

20 September 2014
Jurong Point
10.30am - 2.30pm

While stocks last!! :D

Check out my squinty eyes! :P
Woke up early on a Saturday and braved the heat from the sun to exchange my 2-Litre empty milk bottle for a fresh 1-Litre bottle of Magnolia milk!
Such a good deal, I don't mind sacrificing a bit of sleep for this event hahah!

It was right at the entrance of Hougang Mall so it was impossible to miss it! ^~^
There was also a radio DJ from 972FM hosting the event and reminding us about the importance of drinking milk when it's fresh! :)

Posing with my bottle again!
Pretty obvious that I was really excited about bringing my 2L milk bottle to exchange it huh hahah xD

All that free 1-Litre cartons of Magnolia fresh milk to be given away!!!

There was also a cow mascot that walked around at the event.
Everyone couldn't help but get drawn to it, especially the kids!
The mascot was pretty much like a superstar and people of all ages formed lines to take photos with it! :D

And then I noticed this pretty mama with 3 adorable girls!
It's the popular mummy blogger Diah from http://etrangle.net/, a fellow NuffnangSG blogger too ^~^

Their matching striped outfits (Diah was in stripes too!) and ruffled skirts were just too adorable!
I was so captivated by her 3 little pretty girls I asked for a photo with all 4 of them haha ^~^

And here it is!
The containers shaped like giant Magnolia milk cartons for us to deposit our empty 2L milk bottles!

In case you missed what I wrote earlier, the exchange is valid for ANY BRAND of 2-L bottled milk,
as long as the label is intact! :)
Absolutely love how Magnolia cares about us consumers' well-being as a whole,
be it whether we're supporters of Magnolia milk or not! ^~^

First, I let the staff at the event know that I've brought along my own empty 2L milk bottle,
and then they instructed me to simply deposit it onto the container!
Although the mouth of the container is really big, I just HAD TO reach my hand all the way and slowly drop my bottle in because I was scared I will miss the hole?
Hahah talk about kiasu (scared lose) xD

Next, I just have to choose the flavour of 1-Litre Magnolia milk that I want - Fresh Milk or Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk! :D

Thankfully the staff at the event were all really friendly and super funny,
cause they made my time at the event even more awesome! xD
We couldn't stop laughing cause I told one of the staff to pose for a photo and we stood there with me pointing and standing still for a good 30 seconds until we finally burst out laughing xD
Posting this photo cause I like this shot the best LOL!

I chose Magnolia Fresh Milk!
Which will you choose? :D
Just looking at this photo and I am reminded of the delicious, smooth and creamy taste of Magnolia fresh milk!
I shall grab a glass of Magnolia fresh milk from my fridge to reward myself after I'm done with this post, can't wait!! :D

Hahah another funny shot when another one of the staff passed me the fresh milk! xD
We were joking about how it kinda felt like a prize presentation ceremony~

But to be honest, I was indeed proud of the fresh milk that I exchanged my EMPTY 2-Litre milk bottle for!
The exchange was soooo worth it eh!!

There was also a crew filming at the event and they asked a few people at the event simple questions like why we love Magnolia milk :)
For me, it's cause Magnolia Fresh Milk is yummy and super nice to drink & milk plays a huge part in my diet!

Ready, in 3, 2, 1...

THUMBS UP & BIG SMILE for Magnolia Fresh Milk!!! XD

While I had fun at the F&N MAGNOLIA roadshow, I also learnt important tips on how to ensure the freshness of milk which I'll do my best to follow from now on!

But I wasn't even the most excited one at the event yet - the kids were! xD
I guess nothing beats the joy of being able to collect free 1-Litre cartons of cold, fresh milk from the staff and hugging them like bolsters!
The joy on the kids' faces were priceless ^~^

This girl was a little shy but still so cute please!
Plus sporting enough to go on camera too! :D
I love kids ^~^

Diah's little girls eagerly posing with their cartons of Magnolia Fresh Milk! Too cute!!!

Last but not least, here's me with the super popular cow mascot!
This is a precious photo cause I had to wait for my turn to take a photo with it okay! xD

F&N MAGNOLIA will also be conducting the exchange roadshows in the neighbourhoods in September 2014!
Too exciting!! :D
So do look out for the F&N MAGNOLIA Milk Truck & don't miss out! :D
for more details on the roadshows and milk truck visits! :)

You can purchase F&N MAGNOLIA milk at all supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating retail outlets.
Check out
for more details on the full range of wholesome dairy goodness from F&N MAGNOLIA.
Or, you can join in the conversations and send F&N MAGNOLIA some love on their Facebook page at

Also, if you have a full 2-litre bottle of milk in your fridge at the moment,
here are some simple & delicious recipes I've come up with to help you guys use up that 2L quicker! xD
But please opt for 1-liter cartons of milk in future for fresher consumption!! ^~^

Red Velvet Pancakes
Full recipe here:

Healthy Milkshakes
Blueberries & Spinach + Milk is my favourite!

Super simple One-Pot Mac & Cheese
Full recipe here:

You are what you eat (& drink),
make sure it's fresh and good!

Thank you for reading, love you all!