Monday, January 5, 2015

Physiogel: Ready For Anything


With blogging as my full-time job, not only do I have to be my own photographer, my own model, my own photo editor, my own writer,
I also try my best to juggle between meetings with clients, occasional filming sessions, attending of events, spending quality time with my family and my boyfriend and of course, in the midst of all that, squeeze in some me-time!

And I'm not alone.
This is pretty much the lives of many busy, young Singaporean women, albeit from different industries with varying job scopes from myself.
Singaporean women are known for their strong and independent characters, empowered and ready to excel in all of our endeavors! :D

Just this week, I've had to travel to the West side for an assignment, make my way to the NuffnangSG office for filming, hop over to several cafes for reviews, attend a meeting with clients, head down to a flea market, attend our company's event & more!
My job requires me to be spontaneous and ready enough to travel to and fro when it comes to back-to-back events.
And while my body never fails me physically (phew!), my skin definitely needs to buck up and be as ready as I am all the time!

Working hard day to day under the harshness of our summer all year round climate,
we often find ourselves stuck with one of women's greatest nemesis - dry and irritated skin.
With Singapore being a modern, urban metropolis, environmental pollutants are highly inevitable.
Although the effects don't appear overnight, haze & pollution actually irritates our skin, causing it to lose moisture and become dry and aged,
and this is in fact a really common problem among women.

I'm totally alright with taking public transport, but the only thing I hate is feeling like my skin super exposed to the pollution in the air while waiting for the buses :/

Also, I know this next point is kinda like I asked for it,
but just think of this as an occupational hazard hahah xD
Sometimes outfit photos simply look better when taken at dilapidated places with some kind of abandoned vibe to it which I really like~~~
But these places permeated with dust are probably the worst for our skin.
After shooting at locations like this, I simply can't wait to head home to wash it all off D;

The worst was probably during the haze period when PSI went up to 400+.
When the haze wasn't at its peak yet (like PSI 200+), work still went on as usual.
We had N95 masks to protect us from breathing in the dangerous particles, but our skin was just absorbing all that crap with no proper protection at all :S
I'm shuddering just thinking of how much awful things I've put my skin through,
I'm so sorry skin T~T

I guess that's why there was a period of time my skin got really sensitive and irritated.

It's one of my major pet peeves to see my skin dry and flaky, as if it belonged to a woman twice my age :(
It totally affects my self-esteem when I look into the mirror and see a dull reflection staring back at me, without that glow of confidence.
On days when I feel more self-conscious about my skin, I would opt for more conservative outfits to conceal my arms and even my legs
and it really bums me out when my outfit choices are limited by my skin's condition.

I realised that a lot of girls (myself included) focus too much on our facial complexion and end up neglecting the skin on our forearms and legs.

While we're ever-ready for close ups for portrait photos, the moment someone notices our arms or legs, we'll start feeling conscious and try to hide them :/

Now enough is enough, no more hiding.
I want to be confident, I want to stand proud, I want to stand tall.
If there's a problem or something I'm not satisfied with, I'll find a way to fix it!

While the obvious answer would be "Use a daily moisturizer", I'm extremely selective about the moisturizers that I'm willing to use,
which is why when I come across something which isn't up to my standard, I'd rather just leave my skin to rot from the haze and pollution attacks (lol getting a little dramatic here) and use nothing at all hahah!

My ideal choice of moisturizer would not only have to be effective (obviously~), but also fulfill the following criteria:
1. No sticky touch to it
2. Must be strong enough to protect me throughout the day
3. Must be easy to wash off with body wash in the shower
4. I know that point 2 and point 3 kind of contradicts each other, but that's what super demanding consumers like myself ask for :x
5. Quick and easy to use packaging

I was recently introduced to Physiogel, and after using it for about week, I was pleasantly surprised!
Here's a little timeline of what my typical day with Physiogel is like!

0800 h - Morning Routine
Took me less than 3 minutes to apply Physiogel lotion over my entire body.
I have the easily accessible packaging to thank!

0900 h - Breakfast
Skin feels soft and supple, it feels great to know that I can walk out of here knowing that I'm protected from top to toe from pollutions and haze!!
I feel invincible!!!

1200 h - Meeting over lunch
Crossed my legs and realised my kneecaps feel really soft.
Trying not to smile to myself but I'm secretly really happy xD

1500 h - Date with boyfriend
Holding hands actually feels exciting (again) cause I know for sure that my palm doesn't feel rough nor dry!
Glad to have applied the Physiogel hand cream earlier today ^~^

1900 h - Dinner with the family!
The body moisturizer is still going strong although it's been more than 10 hours!
I don't feel any stickiness from it but I know it's still there cause my skin still feels nice :D

2100 h - Bath Time
Physiogel body lotion washes off really easily when I used the Physiogel cleanser.
My skin feels fresh!
Ready for bed & can't wait for another day full of activities and awesome skin!

About Physiogel

Physiogel has a long tradition of skin care solutions as it is under Stiefel,
which has over 160 years of experience in dermatology!
Creams from Physiogel:
✓ contains advanced DMS technology
✓ are hypoallergenic - no preservatives, perfumes or dyes
✓ strengthen & repairs the skin's moisture barrier
✓ provides long lasting moisturization

Physiogel also contains ingredients similar to lipids found in the skin,
which means it'll work naturally with your dry and sensitive skin to repair its natural moisture barrier
to help keep moisture in and irritants out!

I've been using the Physiogel body lotion, cream and cleanser, and I'm super reliant on them now hahah!

First of all, I'll cleanse my skin during my shower with the Physiogel Cleanser ^~^
It's soap-free and designed to cleanse and help soften dry and sensitive skin!

I totally love how smooth and mild it feels on my skin~

In fact it's so mild it is suitable for babies :D
And you can cleanse using it with or without water!

Gentle but thorough cleansing with the Physiogel Cleanser! :D

After cleansing, it's time to moisturize my skin!
I leave the Physiogel Body Lotion in my bathroom so that I'll always remember to apply lotion all over my body after a shower.
That is undeniably the best time for our skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients! ^~^

The lotion is meant to nourish and repair the moisture barrier in dry and sensitive skin,
and my skin feels less dry and tight after applying it for a week! :D

The consistency is pretty light and easy to spread around, so applying it is really easy!

By the way, the lotion doesn't require re-applying throughout the day! ^~^

Also, my skin's been feeling less sensitive than before!

As for the Physiogel Cream, I place it downstairs on my computer table so that it's within reach whenever my hands feel dry from being in the air-conditioned room for too long.

 And on days when I'm in a super good mood, I'll also conveniently slip it into my bag and bring it out to apply during the day! :P

By far my best cream ever!!!

My Verdict:
Physiogel is a clear choice for me as it not only fulfills all the selection criteria I've listed above, 
but it surpasses my expectations too!
My skin feels fresh and soft just after 7 days of using the Physiogel cream and body lotion,
even when I don't have moisturizer on my skin at the moment.

That to me is proof that Physiogel isn't just a temporary protection for my skin against the daily environmental elements,
but it actually improves my skin's texture from within too! :D
Also, it leaves me assured that my skin is protected from haze and pollution while I'm out so I can go about with my day of activities at ease!

Physiogel is truly an optimal solution to dry, irritated and even red skin because it works naturally with our skin to make it less dry and sensitive!

Physiogel. For skin that's ready for anything.
Clinically proven to strengthen & repair the skin's moisture barrier.

With one of the big sources of my insecurities eliminated,
I can now loudly say that I am ready for anything! :)

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Thank you for reading, love you all!