Saturday, August 30, 2014

Colour of money

So I actually had plans to dedicate a red head with bleached white ombre ends for our nation's birthday...
But unfortunately, my hair is too thin to withstand that amount of bleach, and so Hitomi and I decided to stop at a kind of light orangey colour for the ends, and copper red at the top half during my visit to Cleo Hair & Make!

The end result was still really pretty though, thankfully!!! :D

I feel like red hair gives girls more confidence, in terms of smiling more in photos, or posing more confidently for our #OOTDs! xD
Kind of like a RAD HAIR, DON'T CARE sort of thing!
"It's not just a hair colour, it's a lifestyle!" hahah xD

But seriously, if you need some serious ego-boost in your life, dye your hair red.
Like if you're currently upset over a break up, or feeling quite low about yourself,
dye your hair red!!!
But make sure it's a pretty shade of red, else you'll end up looking like an ahlianzxz :X

That's where I think Cleo, with all these crazily talented Japanese stylists, stands in a great advantage!
The colours that I've seen so many of my friends (myself included) request for at Cleo,
it always turns out in super friggin fantastic qualities and shades of colour that is difficult to mimic with cheap quality dye.
Even Ben's RAINBOW HAIR was done perfectly at Cleo without looking patchy, love it eh!
The tricky part about coloured hair is that if you dye it badly, you may end up looking like a bunch of juvenile delinquents :x
So thankfully we're all safe hahah xD

Anyway when I went to Cleo Hair & Make on my next visit,
I decided to bleach the ends a little more, but still it couldn't reach the shade of white that I wanted.
Rather, it was kind of like blonde-ish.. and I randomly decided,
why not dye my hair to suit my mint ombre rosette birthday cake?
And so I did..
Hitomi surpassed my expectations by giving me
super pretty turquoise-teal-blue-green gradient ombre hair for my birthday!!! :'D
This was probably the most exciting part of my 24th birthday this year hahah
Plus my hair was so smooth cause of the treatment Hitomi did for me the night before, it was sufficient to just style it simply!
If you want to read my birthday post:

The shades of green change with different lightings, which is perfect for me
cause I think it's super worth it when one sitting at the salon gives me 5 different types of hair colour? xD

What is this ethereal mermaid glow in my backlit hair?? ♥_♥

And because several people have asked why I chose turquoise/green for my hair,
and it's too long-winded to explain the randomness behind my birthday cake and all,
I've decided to just tell them it's the
And true enough, this royal shade of emerald/ turquoise/ green has brought me quite a lot of $$$ leh!!!

Disclaimer: maybe my definition of "a lot" and your "a lot" varies,
and maybe you'd think the amount I'm talking about is meh, cause I'll be honest that I'm quite easily satisfied~
But!!! The most important thing is, I BELIEVE IT BRINGS ME MONEY AND IT DOES AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY! ^~^
I love my green hair and I love the colour of money hahah

Anyway, when you watch Korean dramas and the characters suddenly become really strong and motivated or just fall into depression cause they got defeated,
you'll realise that it reflects largely on their hairstyles as well.
I really think it's because a fresh new haircut or a new style affects your mood
because simply waking up to a new image can seriously make you start your day happy,
and then everything else goes well from there! :D

Also, my hair is now (self-proclaimed) relatives with the brown crusted pandan cake at my favourite neighbourhood bakery, funny sloths with algae fur, palm trees coconut trees and other nature stuff,
I feel happy just looking at my hair!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Plus those little green ends that hang out when I tie up my hair, LOVE EM!!! ^~^

My green lasted me about a month by the way!!! :D
Worth it leh hahah!

When it finally faded to its limit, it was still this gorgeous ashy green shade
and people were still telling me "I like your hair!" xD
Officially my most worth it hair, ever!!!
Of course, thanks to the qualities of the dyes Hitomi used, and her skills in making the switch from brown to green not look chunky and awkward.
I personally dislike dip-dye hair where it looks like someone drew a line on the hair and dipped that part in a different colour and forgot to blend it in :X
Some people might be able to pull it off, but not me ba~
I still prefer the soft gradation from ombre techniques, and Hitomi is hella skilled at this!

I went Cleo Hair & Make again today to get my hair touched up & I took this group photo of
Hitomi, Takuya, Boss, Ryo, Yui and myself with my hair (coincidentally) so strategically cut off seemingly to keep you guys in suspense,
but it's really purely accidental hahah!
You can see Hitomi's magic hands at work & the not so HQ photos of my new hair at my Dayre:

I'll blog photos of my new hair soon!!! ^~^
By the way, for those who are attending the flea later on
(30th August, 1 to 7 PM Lucky Plaza Level 6, opposite Jollibee),
I'm having a booth with Sophie Willocq, so we'll see you there!! :D

If you'd like to read my older posts about my hair at Cleo,
The Central Mall 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 63385250
(please book appointment before going down to secure your slot!)
Sio × Ryo × Ai × Takuya × Hitomi

Thank you for reading, love you all!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014



The crispy crunchy chewy juicy deliciousness kinda like heaven in a bite we've all waited 2 years for to return
- the KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz,
*throws confetti* *dances around* *pops a bottle of champagne although I can't drink*

And to celebrate its glorious return, KFC specially organized a KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz Fan Party,
for some of us loyal KFC Meltz fans to enjoy our long-awaited Meltz first hand,
before it's even officially launched in Singapore!!! :O
Initially it was told to us that it was a dinner to try out something new,
upon arriving then did we uncover the surprise for us!
It's their way of thanking us for our support and letting us know that they hear us! Woohoo!!

I really can't describe how privileged I felt to be there!!!!! :'D
Indulging in one of my favourite food, at my favourite place, with such fun company around me,

If you want to be invited to super fun events like this in future too,
do Like KFC SG's Facebook page and participate actively!!
And hopefully they'll feel our enthusiasm and host a similar event soon!! xD

The most demanded for KFC item by us fans is undoubtedly the Cheesy BBQ Meltz.
I mean, just look at how many RTs this tweet by @KFC_SG got one day before its official launch! :O
Crazily hardcore, right? xD

Wait, the response is even more insane on their Facebook page! :O
5,000++ Likes, almost 800 shares!!
KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz is like viral hahah!
Too awesome!
I, too, have waited really long for its return on KFC's menu,
and when I finally received my awesome packet of Cheesy BBQ Meltz,
I think I heard angels singing hahah!!

Soooo excited and honoured
I want to thank my mum, dad, my siblings, my boyfriend, KFC SG, NuffnangSG..... xD

Mine was the KFC ULTIMATE Cheesy BBQ Meltz meal with a Cheesy BBQ Meltz, 1 piece Signature KFC Chicken, a regular whipped potato and a regular Pepsi ($7.50)!
The KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz meal comes with a Cheesy BBQ Meltz, medium fries and regular Pepsi ($6.50).
But I personally am very attracted to the ULTIMATE Cheesy BBQ Meltz meal because it sounds awe-inspiring and it packs an extra punch! :P
(To be honest... I have a big appetite and I love food too much, okay? hahah)

If you order the ala carte KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz, it's at $4.10 by the way! ^~^
And for those who haven't tried Meltz before previously, this is how it looks like!
In a pack of 3 slices like this!!
No worries about the portion being small at all, because I'm telling you this will seriously fill you up!
KFC is always generous with their servings, and that's one of the reasons I love them so much ^~^

Here's a closer look at the KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz!
Succulent chunks of Original Recipe chicken fillet, juicy diced tomatoes, crunchy nachos, indulgent mozzarella cheese and BBQ mayonnaise wrapped ever-so-perfectly in a tortilla and toasted to crispy perfection!!!
Mmmm~~~ it's just too good for words!!! ♥_♥

I think it's amazing how KFC had managed to think of incorporating all our favourite ingredients (like nachos??) of such varying textures, and combined them so perfectly into this genius of a creation!
Crispy, crunchy, chewy, juicy and extremely tasty, all in a bite!
The KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz was definitely worth the wait!!! (and now the wait is over, hurray!!)

You know how some of the best things in life (like snuggling in bed on a rainy day, waking and realising that you still have 5 more hours to sleep etc) can't adequately be described in words?
The Meltz is truly one of it!!!

Ahhh, want some? :P

Nuffie Selina loved it!!

And everyone else at the fan party was totally enjoying their Cheesy BBQ Meltz too! ^~^

And what's a party without games, right? :D
The staff at KFC had also very thoughtfully designed a Juxtapose questionnaire to challenge our wits and our speed,
and the first prize was these mega adorable limited edition KFC Salt & Pepper shakers!!!
You can't buy these outside even if you wanted to!! :O

Here's 3 out of 10 of the questions!
Would you have been able to guess the first one? D;
Cause Selina and I totally didn't know the answer hahah!
Some other pairs were really quick in answering and getting the questions all right though!
Despite not winning the Salt & Pepper shakers, I still had a lot of fun and learnt a few new idioms that day!! xD

HEHEH and nothing's lost cause after the game, we all went back to devouring our yummy Meltz!!! ^~^

My favourite part about the Cheesy BBQ Meltz would probably be the BBQ Mayonnaise cause it added this awesome smoky taste to the Meltz,
and when combined with the subtle fragrance of the toasted tortilla, it's just the best thing ever!!
Not to mention how much more deliciousness the mozzarella cheese & KFC chicken added to it!
Actually, even the fresh juicy tomatoes (which I'm not usually a fan of) added that tanginess to the Cheesy BBQ Meltz,
and biting into the diced tomatoes was actually quite refreshing! :O

Too good for words such that... boyfriend felt the need to bite off my fingers too HAHAHA
ouch please T~T

More, more, more!
One after another, and another!!! ^~^
Having 3 slices of KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz in a pack is like a dream come true!
After eating my first slice, I reach into the packet for another,
and I'll still have one more left!! :P

And with the Ultimate KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz meal,
I still had the classic KFC Whipped Potato!!
I will never get sick of eating this ^~^

On a side note, if you've just extracted your wisdom teeth (like my elder sis) or are planning to extract it any time soon,
be sure to eat lots of KFC whipped potato because it's so smooth it literally slides down your throat,
no biting needed, no discomfort caused, plus your tummy will thank you for it ^~^

Plus my Crispy Chicken~~~
Crispy on the outside, mega juicy on the inside,
KFC truly serves the best fried chicken hands down!!

I've already had the KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz 3 times since the launch,
and each time I find myself faced with the dilemma of "Cheesy BBQ Meltz meal" or "Ultimate Cheesy BBQ Meltz meal".
Cause I really want cheese fries (by changing the regular fries from my normal meal)... but each time I just can't turn away from the ULTIMATE meal because of the Crispy Chicken & whipped potato hahah xD

Which one will you choose? :P

Omg and look at this!!!
On the day of its launch (20th Aug), I went to KFC to get the Cheesy BBQ Meltz and saw the queue..... O.O
And still there were more people who came after me and started queuing!!
But everyone looked more than willing to queue for the sake of Meltz so it's okay LOL


What more can I say? ♥♥♥♥♥
Ahhh my tummy is growling as I'm typing this T~T

Digress a bit.. I was eating with my mum that day and she ordered KFC's coffee with scones and the cup is so friggin adorable!!!
So tempted to bring it home to wash and keep it lor hahah!

'KFC Mmmm… #toogoodforwords'
Cheesy BBQ Meltz Photo Contest

Before I forget, there's also a Photo Contest going on!!
Simply post a photo/ an image to reflect how you feel when you eat the KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz
and you can stand a chance to win Canon cameras, travel vouchers and KFC vouchers!! :D

How to Join
Step 1: Follow KFC SG on Instagram (@KFC_SG)
Step 2: Express your love for Cheesy BBQ Meltz in a photo without using any 
Step 3: Be creative with your submission! 
Step 4: Upload your photo onto Instagram with hashtag #toogoodforwords and 
              tag @KFC_SG 
Step 5: Gather as many likes as you can for your picture by 8 September 2014!  

How to Win
The top 10 entries with the most Likes will be shortlisted.
The overall top 3 winners will then be selected by KFC Singapore judging panel based on creativity and effort from the shortlisted entries.

Contest Duration
The contest starts on 27 August 2014 and will close at 2359hrs (GMT +8:00) on 8 September 2014. The winners will be announced on 9 September 2014.
For full details and Terms & Conditions, click here:!

It's super easy to join,
plus it's a really good excuse to indulge in the Meltz too!! ;)

Here's my take on the contest for your reference hahah!
Good luck to everyone who's joining!!

To end off this post, from the bottom of my heart,
This is probably the best news in August, even better than my birthday LOL!!

And if any of you guys haven't already ate the KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz,
hurry down to your nearest KFC (you're super lucky if the queue is short) and grab them!!
If you have, let's eat the Meltz so much that KFC will never take it away from their menu again heheh :P

Thank you for reading, love you all!