Sunday, December 13, 2015

Avengers Macaron Tower!

Morning shift today so I ended work early, yay~
Received these lovely packaged macaron tower from Le Sucre Du Patisserie!
Visit their Instagram at:
Quote "pxdkitty" to receive $10 OFF & get a FREE name plate customisation!

The macaron tower I requested for is Avengers theme!!!! :D :D :D
Omg, cute right??!
Partly cause I wanted to surprise Dennis cause he really likes Iron Man hahah
Else I'll probably get My Little Pony or Disney Princesses or Minions or something :P

Selfie with cute customised macaron tower is a MUST!~~~
Our cafe has such nice lighting for picture taking ^~^

Was trying to take a picture of the tower and then suddenly a hand came in and stole one of the Avengers characters away -_-

Dennis and his Iron Man obsession lol!

Iron Spider hahaha
Dennis' doing

Everyone gets one character, so Sean gets wolverine then haha!

My very nice boss who helped me take pictures today!
Thank you Sean!
And thanks Henry for this behind the scenes photo~~
Thank you for reading, love you all!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Turquoise Blazer Day!

Today at work, Boss brought us out to try out a friend's new cafe!
A.R.C. Coffee at 29 Sultan Gate!
A.R.C. stands for Academy, Roastery and Cafe~

Took a bunch of selfies cause their window seat had really nice lighting!! :D
Plus I really like how my turquoise blazer looked in pictures, so I took a lot of them haha xD

Best part was, my hot chocolate was served in a turquoise coloured cup as well!!!
Turquoise was my favourite colour of the day lol~

Ordered their truffle mashed potato, which was served in quite an atas bowl, looking like a bowl of soup!
Quite nice if you prefer creamy mashed potato versus the chunky sort!

Really nice latte art on their Mocha!
Their coffee is so good, I actually prefer their Mocha to their Hot Chocolate! :O
Surprise, surprise!!

Took a super feeling shot for Jolene hahah!
Feels like overseas~~ ^~^

And she took a few for me too! xD
Thank you Jolene~~

Work is fun! ^~^
Alright, that's all for today's post~ just wanted to show you guys my blazer hahah! xD

Love you all, thank you for reading!