Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Yummy & Healthy Recipes

Everyone around me's getting all health-conscious recently - my sis, my brother, and even my boyfriend who used to eat a lot of junk with me -
and it's affecting me too
so I've recently been experimenting with some recipes to create some delicious but still healthy food! ^~^

This brings me back to a blogpost I wrote in 2012 about healthy & yummy food.
Back then, my knowledge of food was highly limited to processed cheese, processed meats, baked rice with cheese, baked meat with cheese, cakes, candy, more cakes, chocolate chips cookies, whatever with cheese and whatever with chili hahah!
But still, I can tell I tried to share whatever I knew to you guys LOL!

And now that I've become more accustomed to my home's kitchen (while training to be a housewife for when I get married hahah), I've taken a few steps out of my tiny candy bubble and humbly present you guys with 5 simple, tasty and healthy recipes! :D

Benefits of Bananas:
Creamy, rich, and sweet, bananas are a favorite food for everyone from infants to elders. They could not be more convenient to enjoy, and they are a good source of both vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber.
Benefits of Oats:
High fiber content, antioxidant, lower cholesterol levels & so much more!
Step by step full recipe here:

While dishes like chicken rice don't taste as good without the more fatty & juicy thigh and drumstick meat, the chicken porridge I made tastes awesome even with lean chicken breast meat (less fatty)!
Plus you'll be so surprised by the consistency which can be compared to store-bought you'll probably forget about the lack of fats hahah!
Step by step & full recipe here:

I'm still amazed by how there are a load of vegetables in this bowl and yet it still tasted amazing! :O
If you hate vegetables like I do, you HAVE TO try this!
It'll totally change your impression about having greens in your diet!
Step by step & full recipe here:

When I first told my sister I wanted to bake a quiche for my brother & boyfriend's breakfast the next morning, she told me "but quiche is fat", but I was kinda craving for it!
So I replaced some of the ingredients and made up a recipe of my own to "healthify" quiche with the help of my sister and we make it a guilt-free indulgence! ^~^
Step by step instructions & recipe:

Benefits of Salmon:
Chockfull of vitamins, protein, omega-3 and so much more!

I'm always excited to recreate dishes that I eat at restaurants at home, especially when it ends up tasting really similar!! :D
This is great for those who want to diet because the recipe is full of veggies (that is engulfed by the salmon's fragrance anyway), it's nutritious and it'll really fill you up even if you're planning to not have rice for dinner.
Step by step recipe here:

Do leave a comment/ tweet and let me know what types of food recipes you'll like me to share with you guys next? :D
I've always leaned more towards baking cakes and desserts, it's actually kinda fun once in awhile to cook up some savory stuff (which are healthy too!!) ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cabincrew Kit


It's confirmed - I'll be traveling with my siblings & my boyfriend to New Zealand for almost a month soon! :D
It'll be my first time on a long flight and I'm super thrilled about it!
I absolutely can't wait to start picking my outfits and packing my luggage for the trip!
There's a few things which I was quite concerned about though~

Usual plane rides (the 4 hours sort) alone with their dry, cold air always makes me feel like all of my skin's moisture is being drained away.. I really don't want to imagine what a 13-hour plane ride will do to my skin.
Plus I'm quite worried about how my skin will react to New Zealand's climate too!

Which is why I think I'm pretty lucky to get to know about this brand of skincare called Cabincrewkit!
Just in time for my trip! :D

Cabincrewkit is a formula of US & Japan technology, intentionally designed for frequent flyers whose skin are often exposed to harsh climate, resulting in lack of skin hydration.
Therefore all the products from Cabincrewkit are formulated to provide ample moisture while addressing other skin concerns.

Cabincrewkit has several series of products to treat different problems such as skin renewal, acne and aging.
The best part about Cabincrewkit products are that while treating the specific skin conditions,
our skin also receives an extra dose of hydration from the products!

Also, Cabincrewkit products are of dermatologist grade,
and we get to use them in the comfort of our own homes! ^~^
A lot of us have really busy schedules and don't have the luxury of time to visit a beauty salon,
and that's when products like Cabincrewkit fits into our skincare regime perfectly!

Skin Renewal Mask

Cabincrewkit has a Skin Renewal Mask under their Skin Renewal Series
and it's my favourite out of the 3 Cabincrewkit products that I've got!
I LOVE masks because applying them gives me 20-30 minutes of undisturbed me-time where I can just relax, read a book, catch up on my drama episodes, rest my eyes for a bit etc!
That's pretty much the main thing I always look forward to after a busy week.
And trying out the Skin Renewal Mask was both an exciting & super pampering experience :D

Taking good care of our skin is not only about eating right and living a healthy life,
but putting the right elements on our skin to help keep our skin young and healthy looking.
The Skin Renewal Mask is a quick fix that helps remove dead skin on the uppermost layer of our skin,
revealing the soft and smooth skin beneath for a more youthful glow ^~^
As mentioned above, the Skin Renewal Mask is of active & dermatologist grade, which contains active ingredients usually used in spa! :O
Getting a spa treatment grade of luxury and effectiveness
at the comfort of my own home (or in the hotel when I'm overseas) in under 30 minutes?
I love it! ^~^

The Skin Renewal Mask is a high performance skin surface exfoliating mask formulated to aid in dissolving of dead skin cells effectively and unclog congested pores, while providing ample moisture to the skin.
It eliminates bacteria on the skin's outermost layer, to prevent occurrences of future comedones and breakouts too!
Additionally, the lactic acid component in the mask acts as a cleanser to the inflamed outbreaks and sebum-excess skin conditions.

I like to apply this mask once to twice a week (depending on how busy I am)
and it's like a weekly 'spring cleaning' regime for my face because I apply soooo much make up every day :X
I really think my skin thanks me for the Skin Renewal Mask
because after washing it off, my skin feels super soft and supple! ^~^

Exfoliating our skin regularly is essential in allowing better penetration of other skincare products.
No matter how awesome the next steps of our skincare regime is, if our skin isn't cleansed thoroughly,
it's difficult for our skin to absorb the goodness of these products too.

Just a small plum size of Skin Renewal Mask applied evenly over cleansed face and neck
once or twice for 20-30 minutes each week to uncover fresher and less dull-looking skin :D
Please note that this is only for night use though! (hence the difference in lighting in the photos)

Hydro Zit Gel
I've passed the adolescence age by a bit (okay... I passed it by a lot -_-), but I still do get some outbreaks from time to time,
especially when I'm stressed, having my menses, or even during the haze period.

Which is why I still can't escape from products that help cure and prevent acne! :P

The Hydro Zit Gel from Cabincrewkit promises to nourish our skin while clearing the acne in 2 weeks!
It hydrates, exfoliates and clears acne, allowing our skin to be supple and radiant without being flaky in the process.
While zits can still be hidden with concealer,
flaky skin (which usually happens when you try to dry out your pimples) actually becomes even more obvious with concealer and foundation on!
So thank god for the Hydro Zit Gel!! ^~^

When I have outbreaks, I'll apply a bit more of the Hydro Zit Gel at my problem areas.
Otherwise, it'll just be a thin even layer all over my face, just to prevent the outbreak of acne.
This is suitable for daily usage, alright for morning and night by the way! :)

But if you're applying it in the day, do allow 30 to 45 minutes before applying make up so that your face can absorb all the goodness first!
What I'll do is to apply the Hydro Zit Gel after my shower, and then have a relaxing breakfast before proceeding with my make up.

Nano Hydration Boost

When our skin is dry, its natural protective lipid barrier gets depleted and our skin becomes sensitive and susceptible to environmental elements, that can result in itching or redness.
This is why the Nano Hydration Boost from Cabincrewkit is also essential in keeping our skin soft and hydrated!

The double-action Nano Hydration Boost replenishes, recovers and rejuvenates our dry or dehydrated skin condition.
It locks in moisture on the surface, preventing moisture loss into environment while penetrates moisture into the skin.

I really love the lightweight texture of the Nano Hydration Boost because it doesn't leave any greasy residue :D
After using it for some time now, my skin feels hydrated and I'm not seeing any clogged pores yet (touch wood hahah) so that's great!! :D

If you're interested in Cabincrewkit products, you can visit their website at:
Enjoy a 8% OFF when you enter the promo code RACHEL8OFF ^~^

Apart from those I've mentioned, there are several other series of products by Cabincrewkit.
Some popular products would be the Hydration Boost Serum, Skin Renewal Intense, Age-Reverso Serum, Skin Luminous Gel & more!
The price range of products is between $72 to $115 by the way.
I know what skincare I'm going to bring to New Zealand now ^~^

Also, check out my "A Day With Me" video featuring Cabincrewkit products!

I'm honestly very thankful that my skin looks pretty now,
but I think I'm totally going to aim for the anti-aging series from Cabincrewkit soon hahah! :P
Prevention is better than cure!

Drink more water everyone, stay hydrated!
As for our skin, there's Cabincrew kit hehe ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!