Friday, November 28, 2014


Super crazy excited to blog this post today because...
this is going to be one of my FAVOURITE GIVEAWAYS EVER!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
Read till the end to find out more! :)

When I first learnt about 3CE make up, I was dying to get my hands on their products
because the packaging is GORGEOUS, their shades are absolutely to die for, and of course,
they have crazily pretty models that make everything look so much more awesome than they already are!!! T~T

But for the longest time I hesitated buying 3CE products because of my fear of risks of international shipping and what not.
And I didn't want to purchase from shady websites just in case their products weren't the real deal (saw a lot of fakes in HK).

Then finally, MIYOC, one of my trusted shops brought them in as instocks!!! :O
You have no idea how happy I was when I heard about it!

So today, I'll be briefly writing about my top favourite 3CE products that I got from MIYOC,
as well as include a giveaway for you girls at the end! ^~^

I actually have quite a few mirrors at home... but none of them as cute as this!
The pink is just so strikingly pretty I KNEW I had to get it!

This is the best thing that happened to me before NZ!
It's so small and portable, yet totally functional,
I didn't have to bring my big make up brushes which didn't fit into my pouch up the plane! :D
And needless to say, I love it cause it's PINK hahah!

Been using this for months and I must say the consistency is fantastic!
It feels light on the skin, not too thick, no cakey feeling,
and yet it provides very efficient coverage!
For girls with bad dark eye circles, I'd recommend this cause it doesn't cake up easily even when you apply a few layers of it.

Compared to our usual powder blush, I really love the cream based blusher cause I feel that it adds a more natural-looking glow to the cheeks.
Great for daily wear!
I'm using this everyday now~

This served me extremely well in NZ because it's really light, smooth on the skin, and doesn't dry the skin out, as NZ isn't as humid as it is here.
Would recommend this for those who're looking for more comfort and a lighter coverage!
If the skin has redness or blemishes, I feel that this doesn't cover up as well so do take note~

I can't get enough of this friggin cute shade!
It reminds me so much of CandyDoll's Ramune Pink lipstick, except that it doesn't make my lips chap as much.
This looks amazing when you do ombre lips with the JAZZY PINK Creamy Lip Color :)

This adds that much needed pop of color to pale lips instantly.
If you're not a fan of full hot pink lips, not to worry
cause with this, a little bit of this at the center of your lips goes a long way!

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for!

For this giveaway, we'll have:

For the GRAND PRIZE, the winner will be receiving:
1. Graduation Bold Blush #PEACHY BEACH
2. Magic Touch Face Maker #BEIGE
3. Shimmer Stick #PEACH

For the CONSOLATION PRIZES, the winners will each receive:

All you have to do is to Like & Share this Facebook post:

So easy, right? :D
I'll choose the 4 winners on the 11th of December 2014, 11:59PM
so that there'll be ample time for me to mail out all the prizes via REGISTERED POSTAGE for them to reach you before Christmas! ^~^
This giveaway is open internationally!
Good luck!

And MIYOC is having a massive 3 days SALE this weekend in conjunction with my giveaway!
Items will be marked down by a further $5 to $8!!
MIYOC just restocked all previously sold out items and will also be launching the all new exclusive dot lip color!
So technically, WE ALL ARE WINNERS!! :D
Hurry over to
now and start shopping! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cream White

December is just a few days away....
Please brace yourselves for the next few weeks on IG because I'm about to spam my knitted #ootds!

We may not have winter here in SG,
but we still have a bunch of vain & not-scared-heatstroke people like yours truly who wants to pretend it's winter time & Christmas is coming!!! :D

I LOVE Christmas!!!
Not because my family actually celebrates it, but it's just a really joyous festive period that makes everyone happy, and I like that sorta feeling!
The pretty lights, the presents, the gorgeous decorations everywhere, the cakes and food, the shopping!!!

My room currently looks like the aftermath of a warzone with some NZ luggage still unpacked and it'll take me quite awhile to sort it out,
but just because my room looks gross doesn't mean it has to smell gross too right? xD
Decided to start my Christmas mood by lighting up a cream white perfumed candle and a cream white perfume diffuser from innisfree to make my room smell all pretty today! ^~^

I love the fresh, light musky smell of both of them, especially the diffuser!
It smells kind of like baby powder to me! ^~^

And how adorable is this??
Even my candle holder & diffuser has xmas themed knitted socks around them, love it!!! ^~^

When I was in NZ, EVERY airbnb home we stayed in had a perfume diffuser like this because it's sort of eco-friendly cause it doesn't require any electricity, and you won't spill hot wax by accident etc I suppose?
So I told myself that I'd totally need to buy one when I get back home.
And then guess what? Now I got one from innisfree!!! ^~^
Not only does it make my room smell lovely, but it also reminds me of all the fun memories in NZ! :'D

Nobody will say no to a nice smelling room!
Thank you innisfree ♥♥♥

Anyway, I also went to Orchard Gateway today with my lil brother to check out the newly opened Visual Mass.
I'm not paid to blog for them but I just decided to share some photos cause their new shop's layout really very nice eh! :O

Seriously trying out some glasses O-O

I remember telling my brother about how Martin is so going to laugh at me again for always wanting to wear glasses although I don't need to hahah!
Martin tells me glasses are a burden, but I find them a novelty because I like to wear them for fun and there are so many pretty designs to choose from!!
It's like accessories, y'know?
You can never get sick of them, nor can you get enough of them! ♥.♥

Omg the return of Laobu Yap/Soh hahahah
Plus my bun didn't help in making me look younger also :X

Thanks for helping me take photos today Jack! ♥♥♥♥

One of the glasses caught my eye and I shamelessly wore it around the entire shop like it was mine already hahaha!

Whoa and their new holographic namecard.
I took one although I didn't need it since I've supported VM since their first branch at Scape..
but still.. IT'S HOLOGRAPHIC so I wanted one hahah!

Knitted top from TOPMAN (it's Martin's actually)
Shorts from maryjulian 
Blingbling bagpack from Loveien19

Alright, and that's all for today!
Thank you for reading, love you all! :D