Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feeling Good!

Today's #OOTD in Takumi Romper in Mustard from
Quote "pxdkitty" with your purchase and get 10% off!
Grey comfy cardigan and shoes from Bangkok! :)

Hair was tied in a low side bun... and it was by chance that it ended up like that haha!
It's more of a I'm lazy to blow my fringe nicely so I'll pin it back, and I want to tie a nice side pony tail but gave up halfway and somehow bobby pins saved my bun so yay!

Coincidentally I wore this on a day I went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for more DIY projects with GoodFeelim!
A little bit of a colourful auntie (δΈƒε½©ι˜Ώε§¨) feel with the hair tied like that hahaha it's okay, I accept!!!!
I'm 26 this year already, time to admit I'm old LOL!

Happyyyyyy :D :D

Also, my gorgeous charm bracelet from SOUFEEL!
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Expires 31st July!
The quality is fantastic, and it even comes with a 925 sterling silver certificate!

Here are the charms that I got!
Singapore Merlion because #patriotic LOL ;)
Perfume because the pink blings add an exciting pop of colour to the silver bracelet!
Laugh, love, live because I really like that quote and I want to remind myself to be happy as much as possible.
SOUFEEL was also really kind to send me a complimentary stopper in the package as well!
Also noticed that the Perfume charm is at a 50% off at the moment so hurry and grab it before it's all sold out!!

Speaking of GoodFeelim, I'm hosting a food related video series called Food My Life there,
and it's been a ton of fun so far!!! ^~^
If you LOVE food or like to watch videos of people eating food/ making food/ recommended food places or anything food related at all, please do Like & Subscribe to GoodFeelim now!
There are lots more content coming up (not just food!! :D) and I can't wait to watch them!
In the mean time, embedded below are Episode 3 on Supper Places at Kovan/Serangoon area, as well as Episode 2, a tutorial on how to make the highly sought after Raindrop Cake! :)

The stretch of road at Kovan featured in Episode 3 is also where I got my Captain America Portable Charger from!
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Thank you for reading, love you all!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dazzling Cafe

After checking out PHANTACi yesterday, we went to Dazzling Cafe, also at Orchard Gateway for our dinner.
I've heard so much about this place previously, and finally got a chance to eat there! :D
They have another branch at Capitol Plazza as well.

Dazzling Cafe is one of the most famous cafes in Taiwan which many celebrities would frequent,
so it's expected that it created quite the buzz when it first opened in Singapore!

The interior with all the huuuuge chandeliers, sparkly lights and what not - dazzling indeed!

Some of their chairs have bunny ears also, so cute haha!

Ordered the Mentaiko Cream Pasta!!! :D
Either I was starving, or it tasted really good!

We ordered th Pulled Pork Burger as well.

When my food arrives, I instantly look 10X happier hahaha!

Also ordered their signature Honey Toast!
Ours was the Hazelnut Chocolate flavoured one.
Didn't really taste the Hazelnut Chocolate part (cause I was expecting a huge dollop of Nutella on my toast), but it still tasted really good though! :P

And just when I got confused on how I should be eating the toast like it's stacked up so high, where should I begin..., a service staff came over to help us!

I was so impressed!
The waiter patiently helped us unveil the cubes of toast inside the toast (toast-ception!!!), dipped it in ice cream and whipped cream, and placed the strawberry on top of it gently! :D
So sweet de!!!
And I also saw the other service staff helping other customers at our adjacent table as well!

Mmmm~~ Crispy sweet toast with ice cream, what more can one ask for? :D

I'll definitely recommend a visit to Dazzling Cafe if you haven't been there before!
Their place is beautiful as well, great for taking pictures ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)