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Introducing my 4 lovely kitties to the world!

Hello everyone, this is Sean, and I'm taking over this post for Rachell!

And here we go, a short fairytale story of how this 4 tiny terrors came into me and Rachell's life.

Once upon a time, somewhere near Christmas last year I think, while Rachell and I knocked off from work at our cafe on a busy weekend, we noticed a couple putting something on my car. We walked over and saw the note left by the couple, telling us "Do not start the engine! There is a kitten in your car!", sure enough, we heard weak meows in our car's bonnet.

Hurriedly, we open the bonnet and there came a little small adorable kitten, we named him Bonnet!

As this kitten was born feral, it took Rachell 4 days of meowing (yes she meow with Bonnet) for the kitten to trust her. We decided to adopt Bonnet since it's a fate that brought us together.

However, the fate together was short lived, we noticed that Bonnet was having difficulty peeing and brought him to the vet and was told that he had a UTI (crystals in his urinary tract) and it has been dragged for too long that it became toxic in his body. The vet immediately draw out the excess urine in his bladder to ease his pain and we were told to feed him anti-biotics and bring him back the next day for another check up.

We brought him home for the 1st time that day, gave him a warm shower and slept with him together on the bed (the very first time he had a peaceful sleep without worrying about the surrounding). The next day, after feeding him the medicine, while waiting for the vet for our turn, he started vomiting and diarrhoea, and became unconscious suddenly. He was rushed to the consultation room by the nurse but was pronounced dead. Rachell and I was really heart broken, having met Bonnet for only a week, and didn't even spend a lot of time with him. We cremated him and yes, his ashes is still in our room with us.

On the same day, we chanced upon someone looking for people to adopt their kittens as their mom has passed away and they are unable to take care of them anymore. It seems so coincidence, like a message from Bonnet, telling us to take care of those unfortunate kittens in the world, giving them a chance to feel love and warmth from us. We adopted Jie Jie and Mei Mei (we had no idea what to name them and thus this name is stuck with them forever).

Bonnet is like their guardian angel, taking care of them! They are already 2 years old now!

Now, the story of our 2 other kitties, we put Bonnet's collars with his urn together. One day, when we came back from work, we noticed 2 collars on the floor in the middle of the room, side by side. Thinking that it must be Jie Jie or Mei Mei who took them from Bonnet and played with it, we placed it back. On the same night, Rachell's friend, from Cat Welfare Society contacted her and told her that there are 2 kittens in need of adoption. "Is this a message from Bonnet?", this is the first thing that came across our mind. If it is, yes we will adopt them!

Now there you go, we have Jie Jie, Mei Mei, Kor Kor and Di Di all together as a family! (Not forgetting their guardian angel, Bonnet!).

And they live happily ever after.

Thank you and I hope you guys enjoyed the video and my short story.

Till then.


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